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Bennett, Robertson Don’t Like Women in Power

Bill Bennett went on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and they agreed that having women in positions of power, like having them run companies, is blurring gender roles and will have a terrible effect on society. Right Wing Watch has the video and transcript: … [Read more...]

Orly Taitz to Run for the Senate

In yet another sign that Bacchus loves me and wants me perpetually amused, Orly Taitz has joined the cattle call of crazy in running for office in 2012, filing papers with the FEC to run for the Republican nomination to challenge Diane Feinstein for her Senate seat. … [Read more...]

Hilarious Quote of the Day

From our pal Newt:“At some point I think it’s going to come down to Romney and me,” Gingrich said. “Once we get down to a two-person debate, then I’m reasonably confident I will win,” Gingrich said.He's so cute when he's being delusional. … [Read more...]

I Have to Join This Group

Howard Friedman points to a court case involving religious freedom out of Idaho where the plaintiff was the "Ethereal Enigmatic Euphoric Movement Towards Civilized Hedonism, Ltd." That's the coolest organization name ever. Though "civilized hedonism" sounds a lot like planned anarchy. … [Read more...]

The Smartest Thing Said Yet About Iraqi Withdrawal

Conor Friedersdorf explains to the neo-cons who have yet to meet an invasion they didn't love that the argument that leaving Iraq strengthens Iran's influence in the region is an argument against intervention in the first place: … [Read more...]

A Confluence of Stupid

In what might be termed a modern day Yalta conference for the congenitally stupid and crazy, Bryan Fischer interviews Kirk Cameron. Don't even pretend you don't want to listen to it. You know you do. … [Read more...]

Encountering the Irrational

I was surprised -- though I shouldn't be -- by two examples of irrationality among my acquaintances and friends last weekend. The first was at a poker table, where two guys I've played with fairly regularly -- friendly acquaintances but not guys I know particularly well -- were wearing these braided rope necklaces. I thought they actually looked kind of cool, until one started talking to the other about how it was supposed to make him feel better and prevent aches and pains. … [Read more...]

The Centre for Unintelligent Design

The Centre for Unintelligent Design, a pro-science, anti-creationist website, has received a letter from the esteemed Dr. Steve Fuller, one of the witnesses for the ID side during the Dover trial. Responding to the argument that examples of unintelligent design support evolution but not special creation, Fuller ducks into the punch: … [Read more...]

Sign This Petition Please

Dustin Chalker, an atheist soldier who has filed a lawsuit with the help of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has a petition that calls on the White House to end discrimination against non-Christians in the military. If it gets 5,000 signatures, the White House has to at least consider it. It is less than 200 signatures away, so let's put it over the top. … [Read more...]

Oh How They Loved Sarah Palin

Right Wing Watch cites a long list of quotes from social conservatives praising John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as his vice president in 2008 to high heaven. They were sure she was going to turn the race around for him. It's quite funny to read in retrospect: … [Read more...]

The Inevitable Conspiracy Theory About OWS

It's been amusing watching the wingnut press try to discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement. They've thrown the kitchen sink at the protesters -- "terrorists," "Nazis," "communists." Soros is obviously behind the whole thing, right? And you knew it was just a matter of time before they figured out that it's all just a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. And they would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky wingnuts. … [Read more...]

Exactly What We Don’t Need

Add actor Orlando Jones to the list of people who really ought to shut up. On his Twitter account he said:"Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(: " … [Read more...]