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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Colby May

Someone suggested that I name an award after Bryan Fischer, given to those who engage in hypocritical statements about their own defense of principle while consistently violating that principle in practice or who suffer from massive psychological projection in accusing their enemies of doing the very thing they do themselves. Finding candidates for this award should be trivially easy. The first nominee is Colby May, director of the American Center for Law and Justice. … [Read more...]

WND Pimps Old, Fraudulent Sharia Law Study

Gotta love that Worldnutdaily. They're still trying to promote a 6 month old study about the alleged influence of Sharia law in America that is as fraudulent as anything you will ever read. … [Read more...]

How Creepy is the TSA?

As someone who flies a lot, this story is incredibly disturbing. A TSA agent inspected a woman's luggage, found a sex toy and left a note for her in the suitcase about it. … [Read more...]

OMG! Scientology Killed Kenny!

Or tried to. A former top executive with the "Church" of Scientology has revealed that the organization tried to dig up dirt on Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, after they made an episode making fun of the group's weird beliefs. … [Read more...]

WND: Obama Wrecking Economy On Purpose!

You really have to marvel at the Worldnutdaily's faux-journalism business model. They have one of their own reporters write a book accusing Obama of trying to destroy the economy on purpose, then they write up a "story" with the headline:Obama now accused of destroying U.S. economy ... on purpose! … [Read more...]

The Army’s ‘Spiritual Fitness’ Babble

Justin Griffith links to the Spiritual Fitness Program for the Abardeen Proving Grounds, an Army base in Maryland. He quotes this passage, which struck me with exactly the same response that he had to it: … [Read more...]

The Fallibility of Human Memory

Jonah Lehrer writes about a new study of human memory and storytelling, particularly about how unreliable our memories often are, especially after years of recounting the story. Over time, we tend to embellish and borrow details from other stories, resulting in part fact and part fiction -- and often even using the memories of others as our own, all while entirely believing it ourselves. … [Read more...]

Gingrich’s Confusion on Iraq

ThinkProgress shows how confused Newt Gingrich is on the subject of the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. First he said that Obama was doing the right thing by not leaving a small contingent of troops behind because they would just become convenient targets: … [Read more...]

Perry’s Tax Plan — Worse Than Cain’s

Rick Perry released his terribly amusing tax plan in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday and it was greeted even by conservatives with hoot of derision. He's actually proposing an optional flat tax -- people can choose whether to pay a 20% flat tax or work under the current tax structure. … [Read more...]

Another Reason to Love the First Amendment

Here's another disturbing story that should make us thankful for the First Amendment. An Egyptian court has sentenced a man to three years in prison for insulting Islam with his postings on Facebook. … [Read more...]

The Return of Robert Bork

My former colleague Dave Weigel notes that Robert Bork has signed up as an adviser to Mitt Romney. And if that doesn't scare the hell out of you, you haven't paid much attention to Bork over the years. He also links to this column by Joe Nocero, which argues that the Bork confirmation hearings were "the end of civil discourse in politics." To say that Nocero is full of crap would be an insult to crap. … [Read more...]

Romney Flip Flops Yet Again

Hell, he's reversed his position on every other major issue. Why not the flat tax as well? In 1996, Romney scoffed at the idea and blasted Steve Forbes for advocating one. Now? Why, he positively hearts the idea. … [Read more...]