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DOJ Approves Some Online Gambling

In a new development being hailed as great news by online gambling advocates, the Department of Justice has concluded that the Wire Act does not prohibit certain types of wagers over the internet. The decision is limited to state lotteries, but the logic behind it could help pave the way for online poker and other forms of gambling to be legalized -- at least in individual states. … [Read more...]

Agreeing With Erick Erickson

I don't recall ever agreeing with Erick Erickson about anything, but I think he's right to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which would do enormous damage to the internet as we know it today. … [Read more...]

Gingrich, Perry Hoisted on Fake Voter Fraud Petard

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have failed to turn in enough valid signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia, a situation with at least two levels of irony to it. The first is that the Gingrich campaign is complaining about exactly the kind of measures that Republicans always advocate in their desire to make voting as difficult as possible, as Politico reports: … [Read more...]

How to Raise an American Idiot

Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum says that everyone should read a new book called How to Raise an American Patriot by someone named Marijo Tinlin. You're gonna love what this book is about -- and especially about one particular claim made in it. … [Read more...]

Romney Refuses to Release Tax Return

This is a very interesting development. Mitt Romney has said that he does not intend to release his tax returns publicly even if he wins the Republican nomination, as all candidates have done for a very long time. … [Read more...]

Reddit Makes Me Hate Men

Rebecca Watson exposes some seriously vile behavior in the atheism sub-Reddit, a torrent of misogyny and rape jokes aimed at a 15 year old girl who had committed the terrible crime of being attractive and posting a picture of herself with a Sagan book that her mother gave her for Christmas despite being religious. … [Read more...]

Cindy Jacobs Reversed a Hysterectomy!

Here's one of the crazier claims you'll ever hear from a "faith healer" -- read "con artist" -- from wingnut extraordinaire Cindy Jacobs. She claims she prayed for a woman and reversed a hysterectomy, replacing her uterus so she could get pregnant. … [Read more...]

Newt Praised Romney Health Plan

As if Mitt Romney wasn't having enough trouble pretending that he didn't really mean it when he passed a universal healthcare plan in Massachusetts, now it comes out that Newt Gingrich praised that plan in 2006 and wanted a similar plan passed nationally. Politico has the quote from a Wall Street Journal article that is behind a paywall: … [Read more...]

WND Challenges Factcheck’s Non-Profit Status

Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz' date to the Wingnuttia High School prom, promotes the loony theories of fellow birther Ron Polland, who has filed laughably idiotic challenges to the non-profit status of because that site has rejected their favorite delusion that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim commie. … [Read more...]

Another Casualty of the War on Drugs

The Huffington Post reports on yet another appalling situation brought on by the war on drugs. A mother of three who needs a kidney transplant is being kicked out of public housing because someone else was caught with drug paraphernalia in her house. … [Read more...]

A Must-Read on Uganda and Anti-Gay Violence

Frank Mugisha, one of the most courageous human rights activists you could ever encounter, has an op-ed in the New York Times about anti-gay violence in his home country of Uganda. He thanks Hillary Clinton for speaking out on the subject and the Obama administration for making the human rights of gays and lesbians an important aspect of our diplomatic efforts. And he makes this interesting point: … [Read more...]

Michigan Community Bans Fluoride in Water

A local Tea Party politician in Hartland Township, Michigan has managed to convince that township's board of trustees to ban the addition of fluoride to area water supplies. Seriously, have I died and gone to the 1960s? … [Read more...]