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Ron Paul Approved of Newsletter Copy?

The Washington Post has a long piece about Ron Paul's now-infamous newsletters, which contained lots of racist and just plain insane rantings, and quotes several sources who suggest that Paul approved the newsletters before they went out and made a deliberate decision to put more extreme content in it for financial reasons. … [Read more...]

Newt: Saul Alinsky Radical

One of the more amusing memes coming from the loony right, especially the Glenn Beck set, for the last three years is the obsessive focus on the formerly obscure Saul Alinsky. Newt Gingrich has adopted the Glenn Beck line that Alinsky was plotting to destroy American society and that Obama is the Lenin to his Marx. … [Read more...]

Newt’s Lunar Dreams

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Newt Gingrich dusted off his famous penchant for coming up with big ideas and told an audience in Florida that if he's elected, he'll build a permanent base on the moon. Politico reports: … [Read more...]

TN Tea Party: Schools Should Ignore Slavery

The Tennessee Tea Party group has a list of demands for the state legislature, one of which is that the schools should teach only good things about the Founding Fathers, ignoring the nation's history of slavery and mistreatment of Native Americans. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Mitch McConnell

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who project their most blatant negative attributes onto those they claim to be against. Here's a great example of that behavior by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, just before Obama's State of the Union speech: … [Read more...]

FRC Wants Supernatural Intervention to Stop Marriage Equality

The bigots at the Family Research Council are up in arms about the impending legalization of same-sex marriage in the state of Washington and they're urging their members to pray for supernatural intervention by God to prevent it from happening. Right Wing Watch has the text: … [Read more...]

Barber Spews More Stupid

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel is like a one-stop shop of crazy and stupid. Continuing the idiotic idea among the religious that conflates respect for someone and acceptance of ideas that they invented with simpleminded worship, he says that Freud, Marx and Darwin have become the heathen's holy trinity. … [Read more...]

Regulation and the Nature of Externalities

Mano Singham recently posted a Daily Show video poking fun at libertarian arguments against government regulation by claiming that excessive government regulation is destroying family businesses -- namely, the mafia, the ultimate family business. Now I'm someone who has long defended libertarians against some -- not all -- the attacks from the left and the right, and advocated that liberals and libertarians work together on the many issues that they agree on, so this is a good opportunity to … [Read more...]

Michigan Charter School Teaching Creationism?

A friend of mine posted about this on Facebook, wondering if it's legal. The Byron Center Charter School in the Grand Rapids area apparently thinks it can teach creationism in science classrooms. This is from the Google cache of its website last week: … [Read more...]

Badass Quote of the Day

As we are constantly being told that Newt Gingrich is a fountain of brilliant ideas, the true intellectual of the conservative movement, Ezra Klein reminds us of a hilarious line from Bob Dole about that myth. … [Read more...]

What Does Google Think About You?

As everyone who uses the internet should know by now, Google targets ads not only to the context of the website you're visiting but also by your own web browsing and searching. And now you can look up what they think your interests and demographics are in their targeting algorithm. … [Read more...]

The Brewer – Obama Confrontation

Everyone is talking about that tarmac confrontation between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and President Obama, but every time I see Brewer anywhere I can only think about this hilarious video: … [Read more...]