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Abrams: Gingrich Insulted Reagan

Nate Silver noted the other day that Newt Gingrich, far more than any other candidate, has tried to wear Ronald Reagan like the alien did Edgar in Men in Black. He's done everything but show up in a brown corduroy suit and cowboy boots. … [Read more...]

Boykin to Speak at West Point

Retired Lt. General and current lunatic Jerry Boykin has been asked to speak at a prayer breakfast at West Point by the chaplain's office there and a group of veterans is asking the military academy to rescind the invitation because of Boykin's history of bizarre behavior. Here's the full text of their letter: … [Read more...]

Marriage Equality in Washington?

It appears that there are enough votes to pass a law allowing full marriage equality for gay couples in the state of Washington after Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen announced that she would vote for the bill, providing the margin necessary for passage. AP reports: … [Read more...]

Wingnut of the Week

If you want to see some serious crazy, look no further than Andrew Adler, editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times, who actually wrote an article urging the government of Israel to consider sending Mossad agents to assassinate President Obama. He offers three things Israel could or should do in response to Iran possibly getting nuclear weapons. Here's the third: … [Read more...]

You Can’t Protest at the Supreme Court

The Rutherford Institute has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a man who was arrested for protesting on the plaza in front of the Supreme Court. All the man did, according to the complaint (and there's video to support this), is wear a sandwich board with a message on it protesting mistreatment of minorities by the government. … [Read more...]

Garlow’s Endorsement of Gingrich

The Gingrich campaign has made publicly available a very long letter from Pastor Jim Garlow to his followers explaining why he has endorsed Gingrich. It's really amusing to read. The crazy and stupid is so thick and rich that you could put it on your pancakes in the morning. A few highlights: … [Read more...]

DOJ Uses Asset Forfeiture Laws to Seize Websites

As you may have heard by now, the government seized the domain for last week and has indicted several people. What you probably didn't know is that they did so by using the same asset forfeiture laws that are constantly abused in drug cases, along with a more recent law. The Boston Globe reports: … [Read more...]

RI Religious Leaders Call for End to Threats

In a welcome and positive move, a group of religious leaders in Rhode Island are publicly calling on those who have inundated Jessica Ahlquist and her family with hatred and vile threats to act like civilized human beings instead of hateful thugs. … [Read more...]

ProJo Discovers Our Evil Little Shirts

As JT points out, the Providence Journal has discovered our Evil Little Shirts, the sale of which is helping to raise money for Jessica Ahlquist's college fund. And the comments are so full of stupid that it may just burst. A few examples: … [Read more...]

Oklahoma GOP: Outlaw Fetal Food Products

We may have a new entry in the ongoing contest for the title of the country's looniest state legislator. Staking his claim to a title previously held by his colleague Sally Kern, Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey has proposed a bill that would outlaw the use of human fetuses as food. Nope, I'm not making that up. I present SB 1418: … [Read more...]

Four CT Officers Arrested by Feds

I wrote last year about the case of four cops in New Haven, CT who arrested a priest who was videotaping them as they harassed a bunch of Equadorian immigrants. The officers lied on their police reports, claiming that they thought the video camera was a gun -- but the video showed the officer who made the arrest specifically referring to it as a camera as he approached the victim. Now the DOJ has arrested those officers and charged them with civil rights violations. … [Read more...]

Soldier Attacked by Christians in North Carolina

Justin Griffith has the incredible story of Steven Hewett, a veteran who fought in Afghanistan who wanted a Christian flag removed from a memorial to soldiers like him. He was attacked incredibly for it. A documentary was made about it and it's staggering to watch, especially the interviews with people who attacked him. … [Read more...]