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Rubio’s Bizarre Dance on Immigration Reform

Remember when Marco Rubio was seen as a rising star in the GOP and a serious 2016 presidential contender? Part of the reason he's no longer taken seriously is how he has handled the issue on which he staked his entire political appeal, immigration reform. ThinkProgres has a rundown of how he has flipped and flopped and now opposes the very bill he advocated: … [Read more...]

WSJ Publishes Suzanne Somers Column on Health Care

The Wall Street Journal printed a column by Suzanne Somers, presenting her as an "expert" on health care, criticizing Obamacare. Because I know when I'm looking for accurate information about out health care system, I always turn to Chrissy from Three's Company. I mean seriously, she endorsed the Thighmaster. She has to know her stuff, right? She calls Obamacare a "socialist Ponzi scheme," showing that she has no idea what either of those terms mean. … [Read more...]

Sen. David Barton? Yikes

Warren Throckmorton is blogging at Patheos now, which is pretty cool for them. He notes that an effort is now being undertaken to draft David Barton to run for the Senate against Sen. John Cornyn in Texas. There's a Facebook group with hundreds of members trying to get Barton to run. Remember, John Cornyn was rated as the 2nd most conservative member of the Senate in 2012. And even he isn't far right enough for these people. … [Read more...]

Scott Walker Talks to God

My former colleague Dave Weigel has a column at Slate about Scott Walker's new book, Unintimidated, which he wrote with the staggeringly dishonest former Bush speech writer Marc Thiessen. He discusses the incident when Ian Murphy pranked him by pretending to be David Koch, which caused him great embarrassment. But it was all for a purpose: … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: Atheism, Autism and the Soul

This is a guest post by Kile Jones, a religious studies PhD candidate at Claremont Lincoln University and founder of the Claremont Journal of Religion. He's also a contributor to the Feminism and Religion blog. It's a really fascinating essay about what our understanding of autism means for conceptions of the soul. … [Read more...]

Farah Admits to Being Wrong

Joseph Farah has admitted to being wrong about something. Unfortunately, he was actually right the first time and his correction is based upon evidence so weak as to be utterly laughable. He used to claim that same-sex marriage was without precedent; now he claims that same-sex marriage was practiced "in the days of Noah." … [Read more...]

DOJ Notifies Defendants of Warrantless Wiretap Evidence

This is a very interesting development that could lead somewhere important. The Department of Justice is now informing defendants if any evidence in their case was procured through a warrantless wiretap. Why is this important? Because it gives them standing to challenge illegal surveillance. … [Read more...]

Air Force Makes Religion Optional in Oath

In a victory for secularism prompted by action from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Air Force Academy has made the phrase "so help me God" optional in the Cadet Honor Oath. Naturally, the wingnuts are freaking out over it, like the American Family Association. … [Read more...]

Name-Changing Judge Facing Ethics Charges

Remember the judge in Tennessee who unilaterally forced a child's name to be changed from Messiah to something else, over the objections of both parents (who were in court to argue over the child's last name)? She's now facing formal judicial ethics charges over it. … [Read more...]

DeLay: God Has Called Me to Lead

Former House Speaker Tom DeLay told a Tea Party meeting the other day that now that his conviction for corruption has been overturned, God has called him to lead a "constitutional revival" in the United States. I'm sure, though, that having God on his side is not enough; he'll need lots of financial contributions too. … [Read more...]

Star Parker Thinks The Gay Has Turned Europeans Into Zombies

Joseph Farah and his mustache did an interview with Star Parker, self-professed former "welfare queen" turned wingnut activist, and she made some truly bizarre statements. She apparently thinks that giving gay people equality has caused people in Europe to stop talking to one another and become zombies. … [Read more...]

Oh Boy, an ‘Ex-Gay’ Anthem

The "ex-gay" movement now has a theme song, an anthem, that they're talking up. It's written and performed by Dennis Jernigan, who says he used to be gay but isn't anymore. The song is horrible, five and a half minutes of melodramatic cliches about the need to "embrace your destiny" set to a tune that makes Celine Dion sound like Metallica. … [Read more...]