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Texas Marriage Ban Struck Down

Another day, another state ban on same-sex marriage struck down by a federal judge. This time it's Texas, where Judge Orlando Garcia issued a preliminary injunction finding the law violates the Equal Protection Clause, following closely the logic of the Supreme Court's Windsor ruling. … [Read more...]

Lobbyist Loses Client After Trying to Ban Gays from NFL

Some PR folks like to say that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman is finding out that his publicity stunt of trying to pass a bill to ban gay men from the NFL proves that maxim wrong. He's already lost one client due to his bigoted grandstanding: … [Read more...]

Reefer Madness in Maryland

The state legislature in Maryland is considering a couple bills that would either decriminalize or legalize marijuana in that state. The police chief of Annapolis went to testify against those bills and offered up a fake story from a satire site in his testimony: … [Read more...]

How Times Have Changed

10 years ago, when the same-sex marriage issue became a huge wedge issue that Republicans used to drive their people to the voting booths, it would seem almost impossible how much things have changed. But look at how Republican power brokers are reacting to the spate of anti-gay "religious freedom" laws being proposed in the states: … [Read more...]

AHA Files Suit Over War Memorial Cross

The American Humanist Association's Appignani Humanist Legal Center has filed a federal lawsuit over a 40-foot cross on public property in Prince George's County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. The cross was put up as a memorial for those who died in World War I. From the AHA's press release: … [Read more...]

Secular Organizations for Sobriety Needs Help

Like many of you, I have friends who have benefited greatly from Alcoholics Anonymous and similar programs. But I also think it's very important to have secular alternatives to those programs and, unfortunately, Secular Organizations for Sobriety/Save Our Selves is in dire financial need to continue operating. Ophelia put up a guest post that explains the situation: … [Read more...]

OMG! Obama is Disarming America!

I am alternately amused and appalled by the hysterical overreaction from the right to the Obama administration's proposed Pentagon budget cuts that aren't really cuts at all. The Worldnetdaily wants you to know that Obama is "unilaterally disarming" the country. … [Read more...]

Stossel Punctures O’Reilly’s Curmudgeonhood

Bill O'Reilly delivered a predictable "those damn kids these days" rant on his show recently and John Stossel, a fellow Fox News host, rightly took him to task for it. He points out, correctly, that every generation says the same stupid thing about the next one. … [Read more...]

VanderPlaats: Defund Courts for Rulings I Disagree With

Iowa wingnut extraordinaire Bob VanderPlaats is mad that Rand Paul isn't proposing to defund the federal district courts in Kentucky because one judge there overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Appearing on Steve Deace's radio show he delivered this diatribe that is staggeringly stupid on multiple levels. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Only Accept Christian Refugees

Bryan Fischer is quite upset that we are accepting a few hundred refugees from war-torn Syria into the country because, true to his deep-seated bigotry against everyone who isn't just like him, he thinks that only Christians should be allowed into the country. … [Read more...]

West: Hagel a ‘Traitor’ For Suggesting Budget Cuts

The Obama administration is proposing budget cuts that aren't really cuts at all and wingnut Allen West is losing his mind about it, even calling Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel a "turncoat" and a "traitor" for the "unconscionable" cuts that will "weaken America." … [Read more...]

ADF: Christians ‘Second Class Citizens’ if Not Allowed to Discriminate

One of the hallmarks of the Christian right is that they are continually trying to borrow the language of those they seek to oppress. Joseph LaRue of the Alliance Defending Freedom does this when he claims that Christians will be “treated as second class citizens by their government” if they aren't allowed to treat others as second-class citizens. Up is down. Black is white. War is peace. … [Read more...]