Moms, you are awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back for 1. Getting up this morning so that your kids know that they can get up and get going, too; 2. Showering, eating, and using the bathroom (taking care of your physical needs) so that you are healthy enough to care for your dependents, young ones or older family members; 3. Enjoying positive thoughts and feelings about yourself (taking care of your emotional needs) so that you can nurture… Read more

Christians have a saying that as humans, we are “broken” people. We are “fallen” creatures. We perpetually “miss the mark [of perfections].” We “sin.” Our hope is not in our perfected skills, polished performances, or natural abilities, but in our loving Redeemer. Just because we have faith and intimacy with a good, loving, all knowing God does not mean that we are Him. Mothers, fathers, and other caregivers are no different. Though we are in a position of authority over… Read more

By now, you probably have seen the viral video clips of the United airplane passenger being forcibly removed from his purchased seat by flight attendants and law enforcement. You might have also noted that he’s an Asian American physician, self identified as Chinese, but immigrated from Vietnam. More research on this current hot topic will reveal alleged reports of his dark past. Instead of the model minority story, you might have read that this father of five and grandfather was allegedly… Read more

Dear Readers, If you are a married woman of a number of years, chances are that these thoughts have crossed your mind: Am I being a good wife? Good enough? How can I be a better wife? What tricks or skills am I missing? And the ultimate question–Did I marry the wrong person for me? Many years ago, I picked up a book by Kevin Lehman called Have A New Husband By Friday. I shared about this fact when my… Read more

Help kids figure out the path of least resistance whenever they are embroiled in an interpersonal relationship with someone who seems as scary as a bully. So, you’ve been fortifying your daughter’s self esteem in part 1 of this 4 part series. And, like myself, you’re constantly working hard at making home a “safe place” for your son to be himself and still learn about the limits, rules, and boundaries of real life. Thirdly, you’ve modeled for your kids how to regulate their moods instead of… Read more

Teach kids emotional intelligence, also known as emotion regulation. While many parents focus on raising a child with high IQ, research suggests that when we cultivate a high EQ, or emotional intelligent quotient, that is actually more likely to be linked with strong leaders and future financial success. But what does emotional intelligence have anything to do with bullying? Simple. It’s better to prevent a problem from occuring than to spend days or months stressing and sweating up a viable solution. When two kids… Read more

Make home a safe place to thrive, not just survive. As loving moms and dads, we all want to believe that we’re raising our wonderful kids in a loving home environment. We’ve given our kids almost everything that we did not have in our own childhoods–more stuff, more understanding, and more playtime. But why are the kids still acting out? Don’t they know any better? Can’t they just be grateful for all that we parents go through to insulate them from our own suffering and… Read more

Part 1–Fortify their self esteem. Part 2–Make home a safe place to thrive, not just survive. Part 3–Teach them emotional intelligence/emotion regulation. Part 4–Help them figure out the path of least resistance. All these parts are related and intertwined, to be discussed in detail weekly for the next 4 weeks. Bullying is a big problem in American society today. Bullying occurs at schools, in the community, and on the internet. Each parent would be well served to learn how to… Read more

February is Black History Month in the United States. Stacy on the Right, a prominent black conservative radio personality, asked why is it just a month? Why does Black History have to be singled out instead of just being integrated as part of American History, period? While highlighting accomplishments of America’s unsung Black heroes, the Air Force Veteran reminds us: “we have much to be grateful for here. This is a blessing: to be an American and live free.” Obviously we don’t see White… Read more

Asian Americans make up 5.8 percent of the total American population.[1] On January 28th this year, many Asian Americans will be celebrating Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year by those of Chinese descent. With that in mind, let us reflect on what it means to be Asian or American. For those of us living in America from Asian ancestry, this question will dog us at some time or another. We are technically and practically both. It is… Read more

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