This week, Hurricane Harvey has proven to be quite a force to reckon with. He is both fierce and ferocious in his ability to cause major damage to an entire coastal region. What a dangerous and destructive storm, both unprecedented and historic in several ways. But raising kids can also put us in similar turmoil physically, emotionally, and mentally. Raising kids well requires a lot of sacrifice. We need to spend money, time, and resources on our kids. It’s commonly… Read more

As soon as the title of this blog came to me, I sadly thought, when has this world ever not been controversial? Maybe the only answer is when we were kids and were innocent, so unaware. Sure, today’s news headlines involve various names, incidents, and issues that are different than fifty years ago, or a hundred years ago, but the fact that we live with controversies is not new. Jesus, who walked the Earth over two thousand years ago, was himself… Read more

Thank. you! A much needed word of wisdom. Read more

This morning, while my husband went for his daily walk, accompanied by our middle son, the other two stayed home and played a game of chess. I had woken up quite late, so I was doing my quiet time late, which was not the best thing since I was very much distracted by the loud sounds of two boys arguing and fussing over the chess moves. Both are so smart and so competitive. Whatever happened to meek and mild? I’m… Read more

It’s hard. No one want to do hard things, especially if this hard thing has not been modeled for us by our parents. Growing up, I rarely heard my mother or father say that they have misbehaved or were wrong. Nada. Zilch. Crickets (to read about how I overcame this part of my upbringing, check out the chapter called Thank Your Way Out in my book). Never mind all the wonderful praises we read on social media of other people’s… Read more

If you read Christian news recently, then you might have heard that the latest marriage turmoil belongs to none other than the Proverbs 31 ministry lady.  I was devastated when I first read the news on social media. Immediately, I reached out to Christian girlfriends to process my grief, but though they were sad, it seemed that the news did not hit them as hard as it hit me. Then I realized that it was because I connected with the… Read more

“The most dangerous ideas in society are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed.” -C.S. Lewis Life is full of risks whether or not we take them on fully, directly, or consciously. There are a number of actions that can contribute to the fear of being judged, of having our private thoughts and feelings exposed, or of being known but misunderstood by others. Then there’s also the fear of hurting or offending people. When we dialogue… Read more

As a young Chinese-Vietnamese girl of seven in 1979, I did not know that I was going to meet my future husband when the Lutheran church in a small Texas town where his father pastored decided to serve God by sponsoring a refugee family from among the thousands of boat people escaping the former South Vietnam. Just over two decades later, East “met” West at the altar, and today makes 16 years that Philip and I said “I do.” Life… Read more

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? If you ask me, it’s more like 70-79 words. A family picture falls short, way, way short of the reality of our a busy, hectic, dysfunctional, imperfect life. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Despite how it looks, a more accurate caption for this picture might be “The Worst Mother’s Day Ever!” In fact, those were the words uttered by my sweet, caring, but imperfect husband on Mother’s Day earlier this week. He was trying… Read more

Moms, you are awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back for 1. Getting up this morning so that your kids know that they can get up and get going, too; 2. Showering, eating, and using the bathroom (taking care of your physical needs) so that you are healthy enough to care for your dependents, young ones or older family members; 3. Enjoying positive thoughts and feelings about yourself (taking care of your emotional needs) so that you can nurture… Read more

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