Heaven and Earth Are Full of Your Glory: Sophiological Reflections on the Immaculate Conception and Isaiah 6:3

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 24 May 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Today at Mass I was struck by the responsorial psalm. It was Psalm 148 and the response was “Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory” (capitalizations are mostly mine). Today, for reasons as yet unknown to me, hearing that refrain, taken from Isaiah 6.3, and especially hearing in the context of the cosmos praising God put in mind of the immaculate conception. For… Read more

My Irish Peregrination into the Catholic Church

Towards the end of college and into grad school I became enamoured, infatuated really, with Irish Christianity. Read more

David Russell Mosley Interviewed on Forging Ploughshares with Dr. Paul Axton

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 9 May 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, A few weeks ago, after I created a separate Facebook page for my book, On the Edges of Elfland, an old friend and fellow Nottingham alum (sort of), contacted me for an interview on his new podcast. I said yes, of course, and part I of that interview is now up on the Forging Ploughshares Podcast. In both parts you’ll hear us talk about… Read more

The Parish as Response to the Benedict Option

One of the reasons I became Catholic is precisely because Catholicism recognizes that physical, material reality is not only important, but good. Read more

The Sound of Silence: Reflections on My Struggles with Silence, and its Lack, both in Church and out

David Russell Mosley   Eastertide 24 April 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, The first time I was properly confronted with silence was when I was in college. At the time I was double-majoring in Biblical Exposition and Preaching (I later dropped the Preaching major), and I was taking homiletics. One of the professor’s for that course organized a retreat for the class. He had written a short book few years prior , What the Monks… Read more

Too Busy for Busy Lives and Restless Souls: An Unreview

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 23 April 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Well over a month ago I received the book Busy Lives and Restless Souls from Patheos to review for you here. While I did read the book as soon as I received it, I let the review languish. So here is something of an ironic unreview or non-review of the book. Reading the book was an interesting experience since, when I read it, I was… Read more

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