Everyone Is a Convert: Further Reflections on Becoming Catholic

David Russell Mosley Ordinary Time 14 June 2017 The Edge of Elfland Manchester, New Hampshire Dear Readers, One of my recent letters, “I Am Not a Convert,” earned an unusual amount of comment for one of my posts. Many people took umbrage with my use of the term, particularly as I used it in a somewhat totalizing way. There were some few, some happy few, who agreed with me. So I wanted to dig into this question a little further… Read more

Celebrating My One Year Anniversary with Patheos Catholic

David Russell Mosley Ordinary Time 10 June 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Today is my one year anniversary with Patheos Catholic. I can’t believe the ways writing for Patheos have honestly changed my life. Moving Letters from the Edge of Elfland here have allowed me to interact with new and wonderful people and has caused me to write more and more consistently (at least until I started my new job a few weeks ago). Without… Read more

Jove Looking Over My Shoulder: Reflections on the Medieval Cosmos and a Night under the Stars

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 9 June 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Two nights ago, after a long and hard day, I sat outside with my pipe and my computer under the stars. I’ve been slowly doing some work on Medieval cosmology, which will hopefully pick up if my paper proposal is accepted. Because of this, my night under the stars took on a different flare. Lewis in The Discarded Image recommends that one must take… Read more

I Am Not a Convert: Reflections on Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic certainly hasn’t made me perfect. But I finally feel at peace, at home. But there’s one phrase, one description of myself that I truly dislike, that I cannot get on board with: I am not a Catholic convert. Read more

Watching “This Is Us” While Being Adopted

It can almost hurt, to watch Randall and William and know that this will never be my story. Read more

Why Remain Catholic? Jean-Luc Marions Says because It’s Fun: The Commonness of the Real

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 28 May 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Thanks to Artur over at Cosmos the in Lost, I watched this short video with noted Catholic philosopher Jean-Luc Marion. While I’ve not read copious amounts of Marion’s work and nor have I agreed with everything I’ve read, I loved his statements in this video. Marion’s reason for remaining Catholic is, in short, because it is true. But he gives evidence for it by… Read more

Heaven and Earth Are Full of Your Glory: Sophiological Reflections on the Immaculate Conception and Isaiah 6:3

David Russell Mosley Eastertide 24 May 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, Today at Mass I was struck by the responsorial psalm. It was Psalm 148 and the response was “Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory” (capitalizations are mostly mine). Today, for reasons as yet unknown to me, hearing that refrain, taken from Isaiah 6.3, and especially hearing in the context of the cosmos praising God put in mind of the immaculate conception. For… Read more

My Irish Peregrination into the Catholic Church

Towards the end of college and into grad school I became enamoured, infatuated really, with Irish Christianity. Read more

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