Box office: Baby Alec Baldwin beats Beauty and the Beast

Plus an update on how The Shack is doing in its fifth week, relative to other “faith-based” films. Read more

Joseph and the amazing Technicolor animated film redux

Elton John is producing the film, which will feature new songs by original composers Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice (whose credits also include Jesus Christ Superstar). Read more

Box office: Three new wide releases make less, combined, than Beauty and the Beast does in its second week

Plus an update on how The Shack is doing in its fourth week. Read more

Netflix teams with Mark Burnett & Roma Downey on Messiah

The series creator is Michael Petroni, whose credits include ABC’s Miracles and one of the Narnia films. Read more

Box office: Beauty and the Beast has the sixth-best opening of all time, while The Shack cracks the “faith-based” Top 10

Beauty and the Beast had the best first weekend of any film that its director or co-stars were involved in — and some of them have worked on the Harry Potter and Twilight films. Read more

Newsbites: Mary Magdalene! Chasing the Star! Jesus VR!

Release dates have been announced for all three films. Plus the synopsis for Mary Magdalene hints at how the awards-season contender will approach its story. Read more

Box office: Kong is king, while The Shack has a healthy second-week drop

The Shack is now the 12th-highest-grossing “faith-based” film ever in North America. Read more

Watch: Eight clips from The Gospel of Mark, which comes to DVD and Digital HD next week

Five of the clips reflect the events of Passion Week, possibly because Easter is just a month away. Read more

Exclusive: The Shack co-star Aviv Alush on being the first Israeli actor to play Jesus in an English-language movie

The actor also talks about the film’s approach to themes like death, grief, and God. Read more

A Kenyan film about the suicide of Judas Iscariot

Get Some Money has been described as “comical” and as “sort of a parody”, but the filmmakers say they are also trying to raise awareness of people struggling with suicidal tendencies. Read more

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