The new trailer quotes critics who praised the film, and has a bit of new footage. Read more

The three “faith-based” films coming out in March are now more evenly spaced apart. Read more

The actor talks about how “exciting” it was to play a vulnerable action hero, and how he chose a Bible movie over a DC Comics movie. Read more

Paul, Apostle of Christ may be getting the biggest promotional push of this year’s Bible-themed films. Read more

Three new promotional videos ask: How would Samson fare as a babysitter, or in a men’s group, or in a gym club? Read more

The film will have a gala screening at the Dublin International Film Festival sixteen days before it is released in European theatres. Read more

Brief updates on Mary Magdalene, Messiah, Jesus Christ Superstar Live! and The Passion of the Christ 2. Read more

The film stars Jim Caviezel as Luke and James Faulkner as Paul. Read more

The clips include a prophecy, a riddle, a prison scene, and one last final prayer. Read more

A new video explains how the film plans to stay true to scripture while introducing fictitious characters. Read more

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