Newsbites: Mary Magdalene! Paul, Apostle of Christ! Aardvark!

Brief updates on three Bible movies that are currently in the works. Read more

Watch (and listen): The music from animated Bible movie The Star

Plus an interview with the director of the film, which comes out November 17. Read more

Jim Caviezel returns to the Bible-movie genre in Paul, Apostle of Christ

The film is written and directed by Andrew Hyatt, director of Full of Grace, and it features actors from A.D. The Bible Continues, Killing Jesus and other biblical projects. Read more

Mary Magdalene’s Joaquin Phoenix says his Jesus is “just a man”

The actor says his performance was rooted in “instinct, just a gut feeling.” Read more

Mary Magdalene gets bumped to Easter

The film and its “humanistic” take on the gospels will now come out on Good Friday, which has apparently already been claimed by God’s Not Dead 3. Read more

Interview: Becoming Truly Human director Nathan Jacobs on being “none of the above” and giving the religiously unaffiliated a chance to be heard

The documentary, on people who self-identify as “none of the above” on religious surveys, comes out August 22. Read more

Watch: The first trailer for Sony Animation’s The Star

The animated movie coming to theatres November 10 tells the story of Christmas from the point of view of some animals, including a stubborn donkey, a booty-shaking dove, and three exhausted camels (one of whom, yes, calls the Wise Men “wise guys”). Read more

Exclusive: Watch the trailer for Becoming Truly Human, a documentary about the religiously unaffiliated

The new film looks at the “Nones” (so called because they answer “none of the above” on religious surveys) — and one “None” who went on to become a non-None. Read more

Newsbites: A “teen Jesus” series is being developed by the creator of Orange Is the New Black, and more!

Jenji Kohan says her new series is “like The Wonder Years, but with Jesus.” Also: Jesus Christ Superstar will get the live-musical treatment, and The Year of Living Biblically has a new title. Read more

Watch: The people of Joppa sing and dance in a clip from Jonah: On Stage! — returning to theatres June 3

The family-friendly musical had a successful screening in May of this year and is currently on stage in Pennsylvania until October. Read more

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