Hold On, America!

Many of you are suffering through hard times financially.  But November’s coming!


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  • Sagrav

    And Romney will do what exactly? Deregulate our already poorly regulated industries? Repeal RomneyCa-er, ObamaCare? Pledge to continue our pointless war in Afghanistan for

    I thought Republicans were against treating politicians as Messiahs? Romney’s just a corporate shill. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing he can do as president will make life in America better.

    Hold on, America! A pasty robot in a suit is coming!

  • Connie Riggs

    Sagrav, I think it’s interesting that you are on the attack of Mitt Romney with your first words. So, obviously you have a mindset against Governor Romney.

    That’s unfortunate because if you would open your heart and your mind, and truly research the different issues, I believe you could have a serious reversal in many of your opinions. However, it appears you are misguided is many of your opinions as to what Mitt Romney has to offer the people of our country. First off, Governor Romney would never agree with your characterization of him being referred to as a Messiah. This is a misguided and a mean-spirited attack on an honorable man that is not trying to take the place of the Messiah.

    Your references to his expertise in the business world are also attacks on his character through your crude references to him. Shame on you. I challenge you to do serious research and then be honest with yourself and what hopes you would have for the future of this great country. I’m convinced you would be more respectful and appreciative of the character and nature of such a wise and seasoned Mitt Romney if you would truly seek the truth!

  • Liz

    Vargas, Americans will finally get their tax dollars worth wtih a President Romney. He won’t be petty and vindictive. He hates corruption, you know. And he has a work ethic. He isn’t bogged down by leisure habits and vice. You’re going to love this guy.