Office Depot, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Not Tweeting “Tolerance”

Last week I stirred up a few of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” by pointing out Office Depot partnered with the singer’s “Born This Way Foundation,” which equates sexual self-indulgence with virtue, encourages support of gay marriage, transgendered surgery, and more.  In other words, Office Depot has strayed a bit from their mission of selling paper supplies.

In fact, they responded to me, via Twitter, that Lady Gaga was all about tolerance, a virtue they support.

Immediately, my Twitter feed was filled with profanity, curses, and insults from Lady Gaga’s fans called “Little Monsters.” (None addressed my actual concerns or arguments, but one helpfully threatened to come have a gay orgy in my yard.) When I clicked on one of them, to see exactly who was criticizing me, I noticed that he had also tweeted his friends instructions on dealing with me:

If you can’t read the above, it says, “Tweet hate to that whore and Office Depot follows you ha ha.”

Once again, Office Depot, it’s obvious that being “accepting and kind to all those around you” is not your primary goal in the Lady Gaga partnership. Hopefully, one day, you’ll simply go back to selling pencils and respecting all of your customers independent of their political and religious beliefs.


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