Office Depot, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Not Tweeting “Tolerance”

Last week I stirred up a few of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” by pointing out Office Depot partnered with the singer’s “Born This Way Foundation,” which equates sexual self-indulgence with virtue, encourages support of gay marriage, transgendered surgery, and more.  In other words, Office Depot has strayed a bit from their mission of selling paper supplies.

In fact, they responded to me, via Twitter, that Lady Gaga was all about tolerance, a virtue they support.

Immediately, my Twitter feed was filled with profanity, curses, and insults from Lady Gaga’s fans called “Little Monsters.” (None addressed my actual concerns or arguments, but one helpfully threatened to come have a gay orgy in my yard.) When I clicked on one of them, to see exactly who was criticizing me, I noticed that he had also tweeted his friends instructions on dealing with me:

If you can’t read the above, it says, “Tweet hate to that whore and Office Depot follows you ha ha.”

Once again, Office Depot, it’s obvious that being “accepting and kind to all those around you” is not your primary goal in the Lady Gaga partnership. Hopefully, one day, you’ll simply go back to selling pencils and respecting all of your customers independent of their political and religious beliefs.


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  • jak3uff

    Expect hate with hate girl……get real. And dont say ALL little monsters are intolerant. You said “your mission is to bring Lady Gaga down” in your last post. Expect insult from her fans. And by the way you’re not too BRAVE to accept intolerance(which you are promoting). Get a better job. YOU SUCK.

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  • Jersey Boy

    You’re getting pretty ridiculous now. How many anti-GaGa articles do we have? You’re making a fool of yourself. Instead of worrying about young monsters you need to worry about yourself and grow up a little. Just let it go, face it, GaGa has done more to change the world in the last year then you will do in your entire life.

  • Doug Paschall

    Jersey boy, don’t kid yourself. GaGa is all about itself. You really think it cares about the rest of the world? I agree it HAS changed the world by pushing an even greater loss of moral values.

  • Jersey Boy

    ignorance – The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

  • Jersey Boy

    Well, well, well, CPAC, I should have known.

    Smart little Former Republican Child Prodigy

  • The Truth Hurts

    I agree with Doug Paschall. If Lady GaGa REALLY cared about these people, she wouldn’t be attempting to influence them to do that which is wrong in God’s eyes for which He would punish their sinful behavior. LOVE definition is that love is an act of will that seeks the benefit of someone. Where’s the love GaGa??

  • MJR

    And if you read the Bible, Jersey Boy, you wouldn’t be “ignorant, uneducated, unaware or uninformed” any more. :)

  • MJR

    I agree with Doug Paschall …Lady GaGa doesn’t really care about anyone but herself, and those who blindly follow her down an immoral path are foolish.

  • MJR

    jak3uff…You have made the huge mistake of lumping anything that is truthful with hatefulness or intolerence. You need to employ some critical thinking skills and stop “drinking the koolaid” (Jonestown ref.) of popular culture. According to your flawed logic, we all should be “tolerant” of everyone’s values, but what you fail to realize is that you contradict your own belief and are yourself “intolerent” because if according to you we should be tolerent of all, then you should also be tolerent of the Christian worldview/values, but you are not, making yourself the hateful, intolerant, bigot that you are accusing others of being. Get it dear?? Now grow up.

  • Jersey Boy
  • Jersey Boy

    GaGa preaches Love and Tolerance

    Jesus would be proud

  • MJR

    jak3uff… You don’t even understand the proper definition of “intolerance”. Read and learn:

  • Jersey Boy

    And how would you know?

  • MJR

    Jersey Boy… GaGa doesn’t know what tolerance really means. According to her own flawed logic, she and her followers are being intolerant of Christian views and values because, if according to her and her followers, all values/views are equal, then they/you are being hippocrites by being intolerant to Christian views/values, which according to you and GaGa should be equally tolerated?? Lady GaGa’s redefinition of tolerance leaves no room for objective moral judgments. A modern terrorist could be deemed as virtuous as a Mother Teresa. With no enduring reference point, societal norms are reduced to mere matters of preference. As such, the moral basis for resolving international disputes and condemning such intuitively evil practices as genocide, oppression of women, and child prostitution is being seriously compromised. See:

  • MJR

    Because I follow the logic,maybe you should too>> See “The redefinition of tolerance leaves no room for objective moral judgments. A modern terrorist could be deemed as virtuous as a Mother Teresa. With no enduring reference point, societal norms are being reduced to mere matters of preference. As such, the moral basis for resolving international disputes and condemning such intuitively evil practices as genocide, oppression of women, and child prostitution is being seriously compromised.”

  • Jersey Boy

    All you know is what you read.

    GaGa has NOTHING to do with a modern terrorist. Come back down to earth.

    My parents in the 60′s said the EXACT SAME thing about the Beatles and the Stones and the KINKS, etc

    Point that Holier that thou nose at someone who cares

    They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

  • Jersey Boy

    The very first article by this author shows NO tolerance for other opinions and ways.

    Typical Republican.

    Always telling you to do your thing their way

  • Really?

    This whole thing is getting stupid. Regardless of what anyone thinks your missing the one very important tidbit of information. Office depot isn’t Partnering with lady gaga. Their partnering with her organization whose one goal is to spread acceptance. Not the blonde dancing around in a bikini. No one hates on the Avril lavigne foundation just because it’s founder is a foul-mouthed rocker. And btw just because her monsters don’t listen to her message of kindness doesn’t make it her fault.

  • Jersey Boy

    Yeah, just like my sins aren’t the fault of Jesus or the Lord

  • S

    First off all, your views on those issues you listed are incredibly narrow minded and you are stuck in the past. I don’t think calling all her fans terrible is just. Sure they spoke out of turn but that in no ways reflects Lady Gaga, BTW Foundation nor Office Depot in anyway. It just shows that there are people in the world passionate about this initiative. I agree they were rude to you but if you plan on speaking about those issues that Gaga fans are passionate about, then you’ll get some backlash. Further more, I don’t know why you are surprised that Office Depot partnered with this foundation. Companies do it all the time. It’s about profit and it’s about image. Now Office Depot can recover some losses from Staples. If anything, this was a brilliant move

  • Jesse

    Trying to change the views of someone is like trying to compare Christians to Little Monsters; it’s obviously not going to happen.
    I believe in God, but I am also a fan of Gaga. Think I’m contradictory? Well you better call the Starburts commercial people. I don’t get why people argue. Opinions will never change, you’re just gonna have to understand that.
    I don’t support this method of going out & attacking people who don’t deserve it because it’s wrong. I think that’s what’s really wrong with religion now. It’s not about love anymore, but about pointing the finger & screaming “You’re going to hell!”
    Condemnation is a sin, whether it’s too yourself or to another. “Love thy enemy & you will know God.” See, even God loves his enemies. He also says “hate the sin, NOT the sinner,” so I believe everyone now has something to think about. I think these articles are ways to garner popularity so Little Monsters just separate yourselves between it and let Nancy do her thing. (not that I find it so reasonable)
    God Bless & Paws Up!
    & also tolerance has nothing to do with it, the main goal is acceptance. To accept your neighbor as they are & still find the strength & heart to love them is something Jesus & Gaga would be proud of :)

  • Jesus Morales

    Well I’m glad jak kept his comment PG. Thanks for posting on things like this Nancy and for what it’s worth, keep up the good fight :-)

  • Timothy (TRiG)

    And? When you speak on the Internet, you get pushback. Some of that pushback will take unacceptable forms. If you are a woman, it will be worse. This is a pity. I don’t know what to do about it, or have any advice to give. It happens. Unacceptable remarks, pulling the argument away from what you said (which was disgusting and intolerant) to what you are (which is irrelevant) will happen. If they happen in a community I’m part of (which does not include Twitter), I’ll try my best to slap them down.

    If you think coming out does not require bravery, you are, quite simply, shockingly ignorant. And that’s all I have to say about that.


  • Sharon

    He also told the woman, “Go thy way and sin no more.” And that makes all the difference to the ending of the story.

    It is one thing to teach people not to harm someone because they look, think, or behave differently. However, to say everyone must accept the ‘theory of moral relativism,” i.e., there is no moral distinction between any behaviors we might choose to practice is an entirely different argument. This is the argument many Christians are battling. You and others may think homosexuality is okay, that is your opinion. However, the Bible teaches otherwise, and this is where some of us draw the line. We refuse to accept the indoctrination of the gay movement. We also refuse to have our children indoctrinated with the beliefs of the gay movement. Many of us are not arguing that someone is teaching our children to be gay, but rather our objection lies in the philosophy promoted by the LGBT, there is no sin in choosing to act on homosexual feelings.

    How can you preach tolerance you do not practice yourself? If you only tolerate those who agree with you, where is the tolerance? By definition, it must not exist. In the end, if tolerance is only afforded to those who think a certain way, then even the tolerance to believe as YOU choose and so vigilantly defend will stand on shaky ground and be in danger.

    Unfortunately, what I have seen over and over from the supporters of the homosexual lifestyle is one of bullying into quiet submission those who believe otherwise. That is not tolerance, it is hypocrisy.

  • Sharon

    “There are hundreds upon hundreds of admonitions in the “WORD” to all kinds of sinners who can be forgiven. Why are homosexuals any different? Why are their sins worse than any other? ”

    I haven’t heard anyone say that homosexuals cannot be forgiven, only unrepented of sins are not forgiven. Consequently, each of us has the responsibility to repent. Repentance involves recognizing the sin, asking God for forgiveness, forsaking the sin, and making restitution where possible. Sexual sins are grave sins in that restitution is not possible, who can restore virginity? But despite even that, it is a sin that can be repented of. However, the LGBT community is not concerned about repentance, they want validation for their behavior. The argument is there are no moral issues surrounding the LGBT lifestyle.

  • jonathan

    While its clear lack the knowledge of social networking sites based upon your claim of tweeting to office depot and then showing a Facebook post, I cannot trust that any of this actually happened. The foundation is about antibullying and being kind to one another and to accept those around you. If that’s something you don’t want your kids to have treated toward them and vice versa then you are the one who needs to go back to grade school and learn about the golden rule and also learn from the first graders the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

    Acceptance of people is a sign of maturity. You may not agree with their life decisions but when you’re around them you accept them for who they are and leave it be. And that’s what office depot is supporting. Embrace yourself and embrace others.