Jon Stewart Defends Mitt Romney after Harry Reid’s Unwarranted Attack

Confession: Jon Stewart is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy him more than I should when he’s making political points… at least when he’s making political points with which I agree!  In the below segment, I don’t appreciate the ending jab at Fox & Friends. (After all, they were nice to us when we were promoting our book!)  However, this is an otherwise great segment which makes fun of Harry Reid’s over-the-top accusations against Gov. Romney.



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  • danielle sample


  • Mike Bird

    Makes me wish I could get Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Aussie TV!

  • Jesus Morales

    He’s pretty funny. I worry about people who only get their news from him because enough editing, jump cuts, and out of context remarks can make anyone look a fool. Still, he’s at least honest enough to realize when liberals have gone completely over the top, so I appreciate that. I saw him on O’Reilly saying he’s not a liberal, well if he says so, but he certainly agrees with liberals more often then conservatives. Well, while I don’t agree with him most of the time there’s no denying he’s amusing.

  • MichaelP71

    Why , why, why?!?!?! do we insist on going to Comedy Central, Bill Mahr, Jay Leno, David Letterman, et al for the news? Why are we surprised when they say what they do? Maybe Jon Stewart was right or maybe he was a dang fool, regardless we are nuts for giving people like this credance. It is bad enough with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and yes FoxNews that we cannot figure out what is the truth is.