Death Comes to us all: Interview with David Ury


(David Ury is an actor, writer and magna specialist. His most famous role was being crushed to death by an ATM on Breaking Bad. We here at the Rogue loved that show, so we jumped at the chance to read Everybody Dies, the book he wrote with Ken Tanaka (are they the same person? Hmmm). Yeah, it's a little odd, it's a little twisted, but darkly hilarious. Even more, it brings up the question, why do we avoid the conversation about death?)Western Culture avoids the topic of death. Why do you t … [Read more...]

The Gospel Fragmentation: Evangelical Rebels without a Clue


Recently, the Protestant word has been rocked with controversies involving a number of significant figures. Mark Driscoll, de facto leader of the “young, restless, and reformed” crowd, has been caught plagiarizing, buying book sales, and being a questionable leader in his church. Over at the Gospel Coalition, a horrendous public split is taking place between Tullian Tchividjian (grandson of Billy Graham) and the leaders of the Coalition. The later asserts it's a question of theology while Tull … [Read more...]

The Most Underappreciated Work of Fantasy Ever – THE SILMARILLION – Part 3 of 4

My very own audiobook of The Silmarillion, read by Martin Shaw and published by Random House.  Awesome!

There's a Silmarillion movie in this post...  What?  A Silmarillion movie??Read on, Middle Earth wayfarer...In Part 1, The Silmarillion was praised and placed in its rightful place as one of the great works of literature.In Part 2, Lord of the Rings fans were tantalized with some of the deep back stories that bear up Middle Earth, found only in The Silmarillion.Here, in Part 3, I now SOLVE the problem most people have with the The Silmarillion, that it's too hard to read.The a … [Read more...]

Living in a World Where “Nobody Says Hi Anymore” – A Review of J. Shepard Trott’s Novella


I hear feet. Sprinting feet. They are coming down the main street, they haven't seen me...They are naked. They are dirty everywhere but around their mouths, where their tongues clean a circle. The only mess around their mouths is blood, which is mostly between their teeth with small flecks like freckles on their faces...Their bodies are gashed. Their zeal in pursuit produces these cuts, as they hurdle barbed wire fences and crash through doors with no thought to their health. Still, they are … [Read more...]

Joy in a Game Show: Interview with Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin


When I first started church ministry, I wore a tie to work. My elders and I wanted to convey to people that "I was a serious theologian doing serious things for Jesus". My time as a Presbyterian minister was defined by that ideal.This attitude led to self righteous pomposity taking root in my soul. These roots strangled the joy I had in Christ. When joy disappears, we start taking our theological swords on people we deem "less serious". To my shame, this is what I did. I'd look down on … [Read more...]

Brain Massage: The Mysterious Phenomenon of ASMR


Imagine this, if you will. I'm in a first grade class. We just did a bunch of math problems and the teacher sends around one student with an answer key and red pen to check everyone's work. As the student reaches me, she picks up my sheet, which makes a light crinkling sound. I don't know why, but I like this sound and feel an instant calm wash over me. She sets the sheet down and my eyes droop in relaxation from the tap-tap-tap of her pen on the sheet as she compares my work to the almighty … [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Gospel: Pope Francis, Aliens and Jesus.


The media world exploded yesterday when Pope Francis announced the Catholic Church would baptize aliens, if any ever asked.  Reaction ranged from the amused detachment of the Daily Mail to subtle mockery from the Internet news site, The Daily Beast.It is important to note that Pope Francis used aliens as a funny illustration. He wanted to demonstrate the complete openness of the church to all seekers. The media took the sound bite out of context and ran with it.  While the media doing this k … [Read more...]

Life Under the Sun: My Nonfiction Projects


In 2013, I did a rewrite and edit of a book called “Among Friends: Stories from the Journey.” It's a little devotional book by Father Jim Sichko, who seems to have a knack for friending famous celebrities. Father's book is doing very well, and I'm proud to have worked on the project.The experience opened up some discussion with my Wonder Woman agent, Italia Gandolfo.  Given my very diverse background (ministry, history and philosophy major, etc), the fact that I read a wide variety of books ( … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2014: ASH!!!! DOC BROWN!!! WESLEY!!!


I'm beyond excited because I'm going to my first Comic Con in Salt Lake City on September 4-6.  It's the largest per captia in the nation, and ranked in the top four cons in attendance. There is a major international buzz developing over this event.I'm going as official Press for the event, as well as hanging out with the ladies at Teen Author Boot Camp at their booth. Word is, I might have book marks with the cover of Revolution of the Wolf and Ghost Bear there. Maybe. Possibly.We here … [Read more...]

Hey, We Like Birds and Stuff: Our New Nature Writers


In an age long past, four years ago, I met my fabulous agent, Italia Gandolfo. She introduced me to a guy who oozed passion, care and love for the outdoors. Believe it or not, we here at The Rogue love all things bright and beautiful (gratuitous James Harriott reference!)That guy is Simon Jackson, and we became fast friends. His passion to save the  Spirit Bear inspired me to write my upcoming Middle Grade Novel, Ghost Bear.He and Jill, his fiance, are going to share some of the cool, … [Read more...]