3 God-given principles of learning (AKA New Church education in a nutshell)

The spiritual realities that effect learning. Read more

Wrestling with contradictions means we’re doing something right, not wrong

The places of apparent inconsistency are the best places to learn and to deepen our faith. Read more

No, God didn’t tell you that your girlfriend should marry you

How God does and doesn’t tell us what to do. Read more

You can’t invite anyone in if you don’t have walls and doorways

How establishing clear boundaries makes society more inclusive, not less. Read more

Why we pray for OUR daily bread, not MY daily bread

Our individual relationship with God is important, but we can’t forget that we’re never on our own. Read more

Jackasses Are Louder Than Draft Horses: Hope For Our Political Climate

How an Old Testament figure can give us a new perspective on current political discourse. Read more

Packing Tape Is Your Friend

And box flap folding is not. Read more

The Best Things: My 3 Favorite Christian Blogs

An Eastern Orthodox, an evangelical, and a progressive Christian walk into a blog post. Read more

Asking for Help

I’m really bad at it. Here’s why I know I should do it anyway. Read more

I Have a New Job!

Four of them, actually. Read more

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