A True Missionary Spirit


The first time the Tao Te Ching, the central text of Taoism, was translated into Western language was by a Catholic priest and missionary. A historical scholar I know showed me in his library an old edition of that translation, each page with three columns: Chinese, Latin and French. That's how I read it, knowing of course no Classical Chinese, but going back and forth between French and Latin to try to grasp nuances (which were almost certainly invented by me).This is something we see over … [Read more...]

Towards A Catholic Economic Anthropology (3) : Markets As Avenues For Co-Creative Service


In the previous column, we explored how Catholic economic theology needs to be rooted in scriptural anthropology, and specificially in the Genesis narratives. We found that the two important aspects of scriptural anthropology for our purposes, drawn from Genesis, are man's sinful nature and his divine call to be co-creator. And we found that markets are the economic mode of organization best-suited to those characteristics. Markets work by and through our sinful nature, because they aggregate … [Read more...]

A Good Metaphor For Evaluating Faith Claims


  Don't ask me why (really), but I sort of ended up reading a few New Atheist polemics. Lent is over, so should self-mortification be.Anyway, the problem with New Atheism is that, before the God-argument, there is an epistemological argument. How can we know things, how can we investigate claims?Of course, the Ur-New Atheist framework is the framework of experimental science. Never mind that this framework, great though it is, is only suitable for a specific and narrow set of claims, … [Read more...]

Good Video On Homosexuality And The Church

My Patheos Catholic blog-pal Frank Weathers posted this video on Gay Catholic Whatnot.Overall, it's really good. Watch:Some thoughts:First, out of what central casting office did they get the priest? Can I get one like that for my parish? Overall, this is truly excellent. If only for the production values. Lord deliver us from earnest Christian shlock! This is exquisitely produced, and it's a virtue in and of itself. It really is good overall, faithful to the … [Read more...]

11 Confused Thoughts On Married Priests


Since I seem to have a predilection for controversial topics, and for no particular reason other than this is a frequently recurring topic (see just yesterday) and I want to have a place to point people to when they ask me about it, here are some confused thoughts about whether the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church should allow married priests as a matter of course. (EDIT: my Patheos co-blogger Fr Dwight Longenecker, who's a married priest, and awesome, has done me the pleasure to write up some … [Read more...]