Ministry Focus: Training Leaders International (International Theological Training)

Here’s a ministry more people should become familiar with. They focus on doing theological education internationally. They’re called Training Leaders International. Here’s their own self introduction: Throughout the world there are millions of pastors who are doing the difficult work of leading the church with little or no sound theological training. Training Leaders International is [Read More…]

(Mis)understanding Honor, Shame, or Face? (Part 3)

In Part One , I discussed common misunderstandings about honor, shame and face. Part Two focused on the meaning of honor. Certainly, much of what was said about honor could be applied appropriately to the topic of shame. For instance, shame (like honor) can be achieved or ascribed. Even in the West, people understand “shame”  [Read More…]

Review of Garrison's CPM book featured on another blog

Over on Karl Dahfred’s blog, he has posted my review of Garrison’s book Church Planting Movements. Join in the conversion. By the way, Karl has written a book himself, entitled Theology Drives Methodology. I’ve read it and will be posting my review of it next month. [Read more…]

Does the Chinese Church Have Denominations?

QUESTION FROM A FRIEND: Does the Chinese church have denominations? No, at least in the sense most people in the West would think of denominations. Strictly speaking, you won’t find a network of PCA, Vineyard, Methodist, or Baptist churches. Theologically speaking, local churches will tend towards being more or less baptistic, reformed, charasmatic, etc. Churches [Read More…]

Chinese “Christianeze” | Chinese Church Voices

This is from Chinese “Christianeze” | Chinese Church Voices. How Some Christians Today Greet One Another “Beloved Brother, Peace in the Lord.” “Thank the Lord for his Grace.” [Read more…]

(Mis)understanding Honor, Shame, or Face? (Part 2)

I’m convinced that 80% or more of our disagreements would be settled if we could first agree on the definitions of our words. If we could agree on the terms we’re using, countless implications would flow from that common starting point. In this post, we’re going to try to somehow define “honor.” We’ll consider “shame” [Read More…]

Death By a Thousand Cuts

When people think about the cost of being a missionary, they typically think about being martyred, thrown in prison, or something like that. On the other extreme, many never become missionaries because they can’t imagine “suffering” without iPhones and college sports on the TV. In reality, missionaries leave the field because of what I call [Read More…]

Premarital Counseling for Arranged "Left Overs"?

I could use your suggestions on a matter. We recently met with a couple soon to be married. First, there are a few things one needs to understand about how Chinese view the “getting married” process. Chinese faced extreme pressure to get married by the age of 30. There’s even a word for unmarried women [Read More…]

Geography of Theological Thought?

How might social psychology contribute to our theological and missiological thinking? Nisbett’s book The Geography of Thought : How Asians and Westerners Think Differently…and Why (Free Press, 2003) is one of the more exciting books I’ve read in terms of both explaining differences between East-West thinking and also backing it up with empirical research. I [Read More…]

(Mis)understanding Honor, Shame, or Face? (Part 1)

I quickly found out when writing my dissertation that Westerners have very little grasp for concepts like honor, shame, and face. Today, I begin to address this problem. Future posts will hopefully shed a little better light in the matter. Westerner really don’t “get” honor and shame. This is really unfortunate for multiple reasons. 1. [Read More…]