Ash Wednesday: Four Fears Put to Rest

 Ash Wednesday's around the corner, and you can go all over the internet to find out How To Do Lent Exactly Right.  Not my territory.  We're much more beginner than that around here.  To which end, I want to put to rest the four biggest Ash Wednesday fears that seem to come up every year.1. Ash Wednesday is not a Holy Day of Obligation.  You, the ordinary lay Catholic pew-sitter, don't have to go to Mass.  You do not.  Do not.  Now I think you oughta go to Mass any chance you get, th … [Read more...]

Lousy Parents and the Case for Unkempt Souls

When is your parish like my garden?  Most of the time.  Now up at New Evangelizers, my latest installment in the Rethinking Religious Education conversation: This is how God sees us.  Not because He’s a lousy gardener, but because we’re lousy gardeners.  He gives each of us free will, and He gives each of us a share in the work of the Kingdom of Heaven.  And He lets us do that work, even though it means we’re going to forget this, and fail at that, and try the other random Bright Idea! that tota … [Read more...]

Welcome! Five Facts About the Sticking the Corners Blog + An Explanation

My name is Jen and I like to write about stuff.1. I write Catholic stuff.2. It's all Catholic.3. I've been at this for a while.  I write regularly for New Evangelizers,, Amazing Catechists, and the Catholic Writers Guild. Patheos regulars might recognize me from my smattering of book reviews at the Happy Catholic Bookshelf, or my recent contribution to the Rethinking Religious Education Discussion.4. This is all the intro you're going to get.  It is strange s … [Read more...]