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Gay Girl in the Midwest Reviews “UNFAIR”

A writer named Ruthie, who runs a blog called Fish Out of Water: The Life and Times of a Gay Girl in the Midwest, has written a review of my book UNFAIR. Her review begins with: I’m not trying to exaggerate, but anyone who reads this book and still has a hard heart towards gay [Read More…]

Better a Good Atheist Than a Bad Christian

In the comments thread to my post, Tell Me, Christian, That You Hear This Boy, I attracted, like a cockroach to a cinnamon roll, a troll. This particular troll was keen on making public the point that Evan Hurst, from Truth Wins Out, had proven, via some comments he left on a blog post two [Read More…]

Mama Said Knock You Out

I’m not much of a fighter. Like just about everyone else in the world, I don’t at all enjoy conflict. When I was eight years old, my dad tried to teach me how to fight. In classic 50’s-dad fashion, he never paid any attention to me—and suddenly he wanted to turn me into Floyd Patterson. [Read More…]

“Prepare the Way”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“His master had been in the water for hours, his great arms taking hold of each person who, with a mixture of fear and awe, was plummeted into the waters of the Jordan—only to emerge briefly before being pushed in again. It was a baptism of repentance. It was not meant to be peaceful. It [Read More…]

Tell Me, Christian, That You Hear This Boy

Evangelical, fundamentalist Christians—by which I mean, specifically, Christians who believe that being gay is a moral abomination, an appalling affront to God—talk to me, please, about this kid. [Read more…]

The Waning of the Tony “Psycho Was No Scarier Than I” Perkins Brand of Christianity

The piece I did on George Michael and his one-person Christian hate group went mondo-large. And in the swarm of responses to it came the criticism that it was wrong of me to say that for every one hateful, gay-bashing Christian there are two hundred loving, gay-affirming Christians. [Read more…]

Dan Savage Reviews “UNFAIR”

This morning I was happy to find in my inbox this review of UNFAIR, from Dan Savage: [Read more…]

¿Qué haría Jesús si lo invitaran a una boda gay?

Recientemente me han invitado a un par de bodas gays. Así que, con todo eso de ser cristiano, me hice la famosa pregunta “¿qué habría hecho Jesús?” (algo que no me pregunto muy seguido, en realidad, ya que Jesús podía, por ejemplo, levantar a los muertos y convertir al agua en vino, mientras que yo [Read More…]

George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death

Word came out last week that George Michael, 48, was admitted to a Viennese hospital for severe pneumonia. (Though he has cancelled the remainder of the tour he was on, Mr. Michael is reportedly responding to treatment and slowly recovering.) [Read more…]

“Keep Awake”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

“If Christ is coming soon, why care about the environment? If Christ is coming soon, why worry about the future of our children, grandchildren, or beyond? If Christ is coming soon, why care about anyone else who does not subscribe to my precise definition of Christianity, let alone show any compassion to people of other [Read More…]