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Burning of the Resentments, Easter Vigil 2013

The one hundred and fifty or so resentments sent me in response to my post Send Your Resentments Up in Smoke were last night consumed in the flames of the Easter Vigil service held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Escondido, CA. It was a beautiful and deeply moving ceremony. Below are some pictures of it taken by [Read More…]

Send your resentments up in smoke for Easter 2013

[UPDATE: It’s done. Pictures are up.] Last year for Easter over two hundred people sent me resentments that they were carrying and desired to be rid of. I prayed over each and every one of those resentments, and then brought them to a church, where, on the dawn of Easter morning, they were burned to [Read More…]

An ex-fundy responds to the question, “How could anyone attend BJU”?

Recently (via such posts as A Christianity to Make Satan Proud, Pastor Marc Monte: Satan Called. Loves Your Work, and The Fundamentally Toxic Christianity)  we’ve been discussing Independent Fundamental Baptists (or, for short, the IFB). One of the questions raised in the comments to those posts is how or why anyone would attend an unaccredited IFB “college” [Read More…]

Pray with me (or else!)

Every Sunday or Monday morning I sit down, close my eyes, and do Ye Oldye Communing with God. In that exceptionally rich moment a prayer comes to me. I then write down that prayer, which I send out to subscribers to my John’s Prayer for the Week newsletter. I don’t make those prayers available anywhere [Read More…]

Sexual Abuse and the Luck of the Draw

Apropos to my last post, Six Things to Know About Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness, I late last night wrote as a status on my Facebook page: I think if there’s one message that victims of abuse need to hear and believe, it’s that every single ounce of the total power of their lives is still [Read More…]

Six Things to Know About Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness

People who are sexually abused are very often, however subtly or overtly, pressured to forgive their assailants. (A subject which, as you might know, has lately come up here.) If you are in any way burdened by the notion that you are not, as comprehensively as you or others feel that you’re obliged to, forgiving [Read More…]

And here I thought “Satan’s plant” was an insult

On Monday I published my piece on “Dr.” Pastor Marc Monte. Later that day “Dr.” Monte tweeted this: [Read more…]

The Full Monte!

As part of his ongoing responses to yesterday’s post (Pastor Marc Monte: Satan called. Loves your work), this morning pastor Monte continued to press his case that victims of abuse should simply “radically forgive” by posting these two tweets: [Read more…]

“Dr.” Marc Monte: Satan called. Loves your work.

Meet “Dr.” Marc Monte, the lead pastor of Indiana’s Faith Baptist Avon, an  Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church. (The quote marks around “Dr.” are because Monte is a doctor like I’m an astrophysicist. He has nothing but one of those “honorific” faux-doctorate degrees that IFB leaders hand out to each other like little boys playing Now you knight [Read More…]

A Christianity to make Satan proud

Here’s a letter I just got in: [Read more…]