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Dan Savage’s call to arms (and shout-out to me)

During his appearance yesterday on HuffPost Live to discuss his runaway bestseller American Savage, Dan Savage talked a bit about me (at 2:10): [Read more…]

Christians in love with non-Christians (and their Christian “friends” who object)

I recently got in this letter: Hey John, I am a Christian young woman engaged to a non-Christian. It is not an ideal situation and I have been reading and praying about it a lot. [Read more…]

Dealing with anti-Christianity in the LGBT community

I recently got in an email with the subject line, “Dealing with anti-Christianity in the LGBT community.” It read: [Read more…]

Alabama Shakes

In case you haven’t yet met her, this is Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist of the band Alabama Shakes. If you missed Alabama Shakes playing their massive hit song (“hit song” = already retroiest phrase ever!) “Hold On” earlier this year on Saturday Night Live, then here’s your opportunity to be shamelessly grateful to [Read More…]

Homosexuality? Hell? You be the judge.

The rational Christian must admit that no one actually, in an objective sense, knows if there’s a hell, or knows how God feels about homosexuality. We can pretend that we know those things, of course. But none of us really does. The Bible is open to an infinite number of perfectly legitimate interpretations. That’s one of [Read More…]

Can this wife abuser change?

Got this in: Hello John, I am an abusive man. I have found many books and websites for abused women. Could you post some suggestions for any abusers who find your website? I admitted my abuse a couple of months ago. I started counseling just last week. I have also found a life skills course [Read More…]

The rational genius of Christianity

I have zero interest in converting anyone to Christianity, be it “my” version of the faith or otherwise. Why would I? As long as your beliefs don’t in any way contribute to the oppression of others (such as, oh, gosh, I dunno—gay people or women), then what you believe is nobody’s business but yours. Business I do [Read More…]

Unfundamentalist Christians

A while back I responded to repeated requests that I articulate my personal theology by writing the 14-point document below, which expresses the Christianity that I have believed to be true since the moment of my sudden conversion experience. In February of 2012, I and a small group of people who had read and liked [Read More…]

How can I believe in God, when so many innocent people suffer?

The question people most often ask me is, “How can I believe in God, when so many innocent people suffer?” Those who ask it typically want to believe in God, but feel that the fact of innocents suffering leaves them no choice but to remain in their skepticism. [Read more…]

Mother’s Day: Raised Too Alone (by John Shore)

If your mother’s unhappiness—her pain, her dysfunction, her drama—was more precious to her than you could ever be. [Read more…]