She has no sex drive. Is it immoral to allow her husband to sleep with his ex?

Is it immoral for a woman without a sex drive to allow her husband to have sexual relationships with his ex? Read more

Dear happy celebrators of Mother’s Day

Something to share with those who maybe don’t quite get where you’re coming from. Read more

When your parents love who they want you to be more than who you really are

Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or two. Read more

How churches support domestic violence, and what you can do about it

Choosing to be a housewife and mother is an honor. Having been inculcated to believe that you have no choice in the matter is a crime. Read more

When Bad Christians Happen to Christians in Love with Non-Christians

Ah, young love. Even awful Christians can’t stop it. Read more

“Bible believing” pastors and the enabling of domestic violence

The inevitable legacy of the Christianity which insists upon a wife’s “sacrificial obedience.” Read more

Back to school special: A liberal arts education in 500 words!

Don’t forget me later, when you’ve landed an awesome job because of your sweet, sweet education. Read more

If hell is real, then love has no meaning

Show me a Christianity that insists upon hell being real, and I’ll show you a Christianity that’s been terribly perverted by forces having nothing to do with God’s will, and everything to do with man’s. Read more

10 Tips for Becoming an Amazing Husband

Hey, you don’t stay married for 35 years without learning a thing or two … Read more

To the Dickens with me this year

This year, let me not shirk from my honor and obligation. Read more

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