Leading pastor of the Duggars’ fundamentalist denomination: “Only psychos feel ‘abused.'”

A pastor of the same fundamentalist denomination as the Duggars wants victims of abuse to know they’re psychotic, and should be having fun. [Read more…]

Attack kitty sayz: “Can I haz no gayness now?”

I was walking in a park near my home this morning when, miraculously, I snapped the photo above. I managed to catch the kitten before it scampered away after its vicious attack, which scratched the ear of the guy on the left pretty good. It’s a feral cat, basically. But I am convinced that with [Read More…]

Priest denies confession to girl desperate to tell her secret

She wants to confess her secret. She’s told to keep quiet unless she makes a promise that she knows she can’t keep. [Read more…]

Christian counselor to suicidal woman: “Do it and you’ll go to hell.”

Jesus was hardly Mr. Turn That Frown Upside Down. [Read more…]

Pastors Unite to Denounce Churches’ Attack on Progressive Christianity

“We believe Rev. Good and his colleagues are preaching a distorted view of progressive Christianity to serve their own purposes rather than God’s.” [Read more…]

Eight “Bible-believing” churches vs. one progressive church

It’s one church against eight. [Read more…]

“Satan created no man; God created no sin. But I’m a gay Christian. So … ?”

Reaching out saves lives. [Read more…]

Women being “subservient” is everything Jesus opposed

This isn’t a complicated issue. [Read more…]

Fundamentalism and Wife Abuse: A Matter of Conscience

A terrible truth about fundamentalism that cannot be reasoned away. [Read more…]

She has no sex drive. Is it immoral to allow her husband to sleep with his ex?

Is it immoral for a woman without a sex drive to allow her husband to have sexual relationships with his ex? [Read more…]