Why You’re Completely Able To Judge Caitlyn Jenner

Today my friend and fellow Patheos blogger Ben Corey posted a piece entitled Why You’re Completely Unable To Judge Caitlyn Jenner (Or Anyone Else). The point of Ben’s essay was to say … well, this: Only God knows why Caitlyn is transgender, and therefore, only God can judge (a) if she’s sinning or not, and (b) if she has any level of culpability in it. … You’ll never know the full story, and you have to know it in order to judge… Read more

Leading pastor of the Duggars’ fundamentalist denomination: “Only psychos feel ‘abused.'”

A pastor of the same fundamentalist denomination as the Duggars wants victims of abuse to know they’re psychotic, and should be having fun. Read more

Attack kitty sayz: “Can I haz no gayness now?”

I was walking in a park near my home this morning when, miraculously, I snapped the photo above. I managed to catch the kitten before it scampered away after its vicious attack, which scratched the ear of the guy on the left pretty good. It’s a feral cat, basically. But I am convinced that with some patience, understanding, and perhaps a little electro-shock therapy, the creature stands at least a chance of being restored to its natural, loving self. And so… Read more

Priest denies confession to girl desperate to tell her secret

She wants to confess her secret. She’s told to keep quiet unless she makes a promise that she knows she can’t keep. Read more

Christian counselor to suicidal woman: “Do it and you’ll go to hell.”

Jesus was hardly Mr. Turn That Frown Upside Down. Read more

Pastors Unite to Denounce Churches’ Attack on Progressive Christianity

“We believe Rev. Good and his colleagues are preaching a distorted view of progressive Christianity to serve their own purposes rather than God’s.” Read more

Eight “Bible-believing” churches vs. one progressive church

It’s one church against eight. Read more

“Satan created no man; God created no sin. But I’m a gay Christian. So … ?”

Reaching out saves lives. Read more

Women being “subservient” is everything Jesus opposed

This isn’t a complicated issue. Read more

Fundamentalism and Wife Abuse: A Matter of Conscience

A terrible truth about fundamentalism that cannot be reasoned away. Read more

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