In reflecting today upon the myriad argumentative strategies that I personally have adapted over the last eight years of writing on the issue of Christianity and homosexuality, I held in my heart the one truth that informed them all, the one thought that, from the beginning, I knew was the steel wedge that I and others could continue pounding and pounding upon until the Christian theology which denies full equality to LGBT people was found first morally bereft and then… Read more

Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. Read more

Evangelicals are sending non-Christians exactly one message. And half of it needs to go. Read more

Hey. No one said religion was pretty. Read more

When God decides to make a point with weather. Read more

But they’ll remember, by and by. Read more

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the first of three rounds in this Head to Head debate sponsored by! Read more

I’m doing an online debate on “Evangelism in the Workplace: Is Sharing your Faith Ever Appropriate?” But before that, this. Read more

If you’ve been sexually abused, the last thing on earth you need to worry about is forgiving your abuser. Read more

When I was thirty-eight years old, I felt broken. I had a terrible past I couldn’t psychologically shake. I smoked too much weed and drank too much booze. I had no career and didn’t want one, because the only thing I’d ever cared about being was a writer. Two years before I’d had a spate of good luck in that regard, when, within a one week period, I had fourteen short stories accepted for publication in as many solid little literary… Read more

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