Win “Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game” for Wii

Today, we’re going to have some fun! I hope this weekend to get out to see Rise of the Guardians. Patheos’ own movie reviewer, Bill Blankschaen says of the film, “Rise of the Guardians is the perfect film for kids from ages 4 to 10 to see with parents and grandparents.”

I can’t give the movie away (yet), but I do have the chance today for you to score on an excellent Christmas present for the gamers in your life. This week I’m giving away one copy of  “Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game” for Wii. Here’s the description:

Let your imagination soar in Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game as you play as one of the classic childhood legends, including: North (aka Santa Claus), Tooth (aka the Tooth Fairy), Bunnymund (aka the Easter Bunny), Sandman, and Jack Frost. In this action-packed adventure game, each Guardian has their own set of upgradable and extraordinary abilities that will help you take on the evil spirit “Pitch” and his infectious nightmares. Along the way, you’ll unlock new powers and spellbinding special moves that will increase your character’s strength and skills throughout the game, plus you can unleash cool team attacks with your fellow heroes. With drop-in-and-out multiplayer action supporting up to four players on consoles, you and your team of Guardians will work together to protect the hopes, beliefs and imaginations of children all over the world!

To enter to win this game, simply leave a comment below by the contest deadline, Sunday, December 2, 2012 at Midnight PT. One (1) winner will be randomly selected to win the game. 

Here’s the trailer for the film — let me know if you’ve seen and enjoyed it, and good luck in this week’s contest!


Update: Our winner — Mandy — has been notified by email. Please keep an eye on my contests for additional opportunities to win!

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  • Nick

    Hope the game is as exciting as the movie looks.

  • Katherine

    Count me in. Thanks!

  • George Vogt

    I must be living under a rock. This is the first I’ve heard of the movie, not to mention the game. :-)

  • Anne Brewer

    Interested in the movie and I am sure my kids are in the game.

  • Rose Hartmann

    Would love the chance to win this for my children. Looking forward to the movie , it looks wonderful. Thank you!

  • Megan Schmitt

    Would love this! Thank you!

  • Justin

    This looks and sounds Ike a great movie!

  • Isabel Estudillo

    Loved the movie… I’m sure we would love the game… Happy Day!

  • Sully

    My kids are totally looking forward to this movie, I had no idea there was already a Wii game out!

  • april Imhoff

    This would be a great game for my son! Good movie!

  • Diane

    Sounds fun. Thanks for the offer!

  • Marcella Mickunas

    Thanks. ‘Would like to be the winner for my daughter.

  • christy

    Would love to win a game for my little guy

  • Jane

    I’m always on the lookout for decent Wii games for the family.

  • Ellen Gable Hrkach

    Hello Lisa! This looks like a great game for my youngest son! Please enter me!

  • Corina

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this game…looks like a good fun movie! Now need to go see it!!

  • Mandy Menghini

    We love wii! Thanks!

  • Stacy

    great for my boys ~ thanks for the opportunity to win

  • Gina

    Having multiple children we are always searching for good mutiplayer games that appeal to a wide age range. This game is on our Christmas list!

  • Tim Brox

    Thanks for the opportunity, Lisa!

  • Erin

    We saw this movie with Evan and Tyler last weekend and they LOVED it! It was great and now we all “believe” in Jack Frost, which is very relevant during winter in Chicago. They would LOVE to have this game. I didn’t know about it. Even if they are not the winner of your contest, I’ll make sure that Santa brings it for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Marlena

    Looks like a game all my kids would enjoy!

  • Amalia Tran

    Boys will love this game. Hope I get it. Thanks Lisa.

  • Stephanie Curtice

    We love the wii. Would love to win this for the kids.

  • Nikki


  • Lynn

    would love that game! Thanks

  • Pamela Karol

    Can’t wait to see this movie. My girls would love this game!

  • Natalie Brimmer

    Our family would love to be able to enjoy this game together. And maybe I can take it to one of my youth classes and share it with my students who don’t own or have access to a wii.

  • Rita Rossini

    How awesome would that be to win???
    Sounds like it would keep seven family members entertained over here for a while!!!

  • Tiffany Boeglin

    Cool! Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Ana

    Since I missed out on Powerball, please enter me in this giveaway. =o) All four of my kids would FLIP OUT (in a good way) if they got this from St. Nicholas!

  • Sherri

    I took my kids to see the movie and we all enjoyed it. It’s always nice when both the parent and the kids like the movie. My sons would love to have the wii game.

  • Barb S

    This would be perfect for my 10-year-old! I think we’ll have to put that movie on our “must-do” list as well.

  • Suzanne

    My boys would love this. Just started reading out loud the books. Great family give away.

  • Trese

    Heard a movie review, but we rarely see anything in theater. Will be looking for it at the library when DVDs come out though.

  • Kim Whelan

    This would be great to add to our games.

  • Sandra

    Pick me Pick me!

  • Marc Cardaronella

    Wow! It looks great! Count me in.

  • Marya

    We can’t wait to take the kids to the movie…and we own Wii !!! they would be thrilled!

  • Monica Neuman

    My daughter would love this!

  • Sara

    I’ve heard good things about the movie, so my kids would love the game!

  • Thomas Sanjurjo

    These games are getting better and better with the designers being really focused on gameplay and relationship to the story of the movie. I’m excited about the movie, thanks for a chance at the game!

  • Ester

    My kids definitely want to see this! Looks like it could lead to a great family afternoon at the movies!

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  • Mark Alves

    My boys are starting to wear out their copy of Madden so a new Wii game would be a great change of pace.

  • Maribel

    My 8 and 11 year old kids and I absolutely loved the movie. I know they would love to play the game. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kathi Stalzer

    Here’s hoping that I win! :) Merry Christmas everyone. Looking forward to the start of Advent season.

  • J. Jost

    …ummm…not familiar with this game,but if you are promoting it, it must be great!
    Happy Advent! And, thank you for all you do for Christ and His Church!

  • Susie

    The kids and I were just talking about going to see this movie. The game would be fun!