Living in the Tension tonight

Don’t forget tonight’s Living in the Tension community gathering starting at 7pm. We will be meeting at 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Room 120 (first door on the right after entering the building). Tonight will be on the topic of what we are sorry about. We hope to see you there!

Much love!

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  • Seth

    Sorry, I can’t be there this evening, and hear more details about your time at the parade. Nevertheless, it was great from my perspective in the parade to see you all there, and to read all the web postings since then. A handful of my friends saw you, and wondered what you were apologizing for; they offered good wishes when I explained. Take care!

  • Person

    I can’t come as I’m not anywhere near that area, but I will respond to the topic anyway. I must say one thing I’m sorry for is, as a gay Christian guy, not forgiving my parents, my friends, and the church sooner. I know I hurt myself more than any of them by not forgiving them, so I apologize to myself the most. But the impact of not forgiving those who hurt me also affected them, because it changed the way I treated them. I often withdrew or held back on forming relationships because I was resentful or afraid of being hurt when I should of just trusted God to take care of my pain. I acted like they owed me something and it was their job to heal the pain I had. I could’ve offered a lot more to people around me, but I held back because of my fear of rejection and grudges I held against Christians. I have resolved now to never hold such an attitude again and I’m trusting God to help me keep that positive attitude up. It’s amazing how liberating forgiveness can be!