The New Blog is Live

I’m super excited to have my new blog now live on Patheos! I legitimately love and respect a number of Patheos bloggers (Timothy Dalrymple, Scot McKnight, Tony Jones, Christian Piatt,  Kurt Willems, among others – and the occasional disagreement with my frienemy Hemant Mehta). Intelligent dialogue can never be overrated, and I look forward to engaging with many of my contemporaries on issues that matter to all us.

I’m going to be bringing back the popular series My One Sentence Bible, with a new post to wake up to each morning; along with posts of original content during the weekdays. As the tagline of my blog suggests, Love Is an Orientation’s main content will be exploring the active engagement of bridging opposing worldviews – focusing not only on the LGBT community and conservatives, but also on other disconnected people groups, faiths, ideologies and political affiliations domestic and international. I’m really looking forward to getting rolling, and doing my best to facilitate a constructive journey for us all.

Much love.


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  • Hemant Mehta

    Glad you finally made the move 🙂 — Frienemy!

    • Andrew Marin

      Instead of a long treatise on the complexities of our friendship, one that I do really love, I decided to just insert a nice reality TV fake word. 🙂 Glad to be here, can’t wait to work with you on some stuff.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Welcome to Patheos. Great to have you here.

    • Andrew Marin

      Thanks Karen! I feel the love… And congrats on your Jesus Creed Book of the Year!

  • Hope Attenhofer

    Way to go. You are doing fabulous and ruthless love work. Thank you.

    • Andrew Marin

      Much love Hope!

  • Kate

    Congrats on the move. I’ve missed your blog over the past year or so. It was really significant to me at a critical period in my life. Thank you for all you’ve invested in us!
    Let me add my voice to that of a commenter on your previous site (and I’m commenting here instead of there so that the statistics show up on the new site) that I’d prefer less frequent but more meaningful posts. I really appreciate a lot of what you say, but sometimes it was pretty clear that you were writing just because you felt you had to. I don’t know the strategies behind building a blog following, but I’m more likely to follow someone who blogs infrequently but I know to be good than someone who is simply really prolific. And I’m MUCH more likely to recommend you to others if I know you’ll be consistently good rather than occasionally. (In fact, I did stop recommending you to people. Maybe I’ll be able to start again.) And like the other commenter, I’d rather see you do other things with your time, rather than blogging just because you feel you have to.

    • Andrew Marin

      Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your kind words about the impact my blog had on your life when you needed it. I want to let you know that I hear your suggestion, and take it very, very seriously. On the old blog I got burned out by the comments, haters, expectations of posts, etc. I had no balance in my life and it ruined my creativity. That is why I took the majority of last year off, coming up with an actual plan of balance this time. I’m no longer going to post just because I feel like I have to, nor am I going to be responding to hater comments out of some strange obligation to further explain myself – only to those comments asking legitimate questions. I hope you find your time on this new blog worthwhile, and that it will one day be something you can recommend again. Much love!