What Blogs Do You Read?

Like essentially every other blogger, I follow a lot of blogs. Reading other blogs is where I get my news, find interesting things to think about, and gain a sense of community. Every so often I come upon a blog I’d never seen before that’s just so awesome I immediately wonder how I could have not known it was out there. So I want to take a moment to talk about some of the main blogs I follow (this list is not comprehensive by any means!) and ask for suggestions in turn.

First of all is No Longer Quivering, which is the blog that actually got me started blogging. I also read a lot of similar blogs, including for example Permission to Live, The Phoenix and the Olive Branch, Incongruous Circumspection, and Who I Am Without You. These blogs deal specifically with Christian Patriarchy, fundamentalism, and leaving. While each of these bloggers (including No Longer Quivering’s founder) range from atheist to agnostic, their main focus is healing from and countering harmful religious messages, toxic family patterns, and spiritual abuse. While their exact areas of focus may differ, Broken Daughters and Becoming Worldly are similar.

Not all of the bloggers I follow are atheists, however. I follow several bloggers who share my evangelical/homeschool background but remain Christian, including Wine and Marble, Profligate Truth, Tell Me Why the World Is Weird, and Wide Open Ground. Then there are also the Christian feminist bloggers, including Rachel Held Evans, Dianna E. Anderson, Sarah over the Moon, From Two To One, and Are Women Human, and John Shore, a Christian LGBTQ rights activist. And finally, I follow a number of the bloggers on Patheos’ progressive Christian channel (especially The Slactivist, James McGrath, Tony Jones, and Peter Enns).

I also follow several blogs that are primarily feminist blogs, including Feministe, Feministing, and Shakesville. Oh, and Amanda Marcotte is the bomb.

Next, I read many of the atheist blogs at FreeThought Blogs (especially Greta Christina, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Almost Diamonds, and Pharyngula) and Skepchick and most of the other blogs here on the Patheos atheist portal (especially Friendly Atheist, Camels with Hammers, WWJTD, Unreasonable Faith, Temple of the Future, and Daylight Atheism). The Ex-Convert and Ripening Reason are two female atheist bloggers I also enjoy. I also follow a number of other blogs that are more primarily focused on atheism, including Reason Being, Ramblings of Sheldon, and Path of the Beagle.

I’ve recently found myself really enjoying some international blogs that encompass more disparate interests, combining feminism, LGBTQ rights, and atheism. These include Sara Lin Wilde, of Canada, and Consider the Tea Cosy and Geoff’s Shorts, both of Ireland. I also enjoy several blogs with a more academic focus, including Family Inequality and I Love You But You’re Going to Hell.

What blogs do you read? What blogs would you suggest I start reading?

Anonymous Tip: Donna Tells All
Picking Things Up from the Culture, Homeschool Edition
A Letter from Jesus and Living in Fear
Red Town, Blue Town
About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Elise

    Joe My God. He mostly blogs about LGBTQ news, and has also started mentioning anti-woman stuff happening around the world. He was the one who alerted me to Friendly Atheist, which led to you.

    He is also the one who opened my eyes to LGBTQ groups such as OutServe. I now help run the only base-chartered LGBTQ and Ally group in the whole Air Force here in New Mexico to help support people who still suffer bigotry. His words and actions changed a lot of my thoughts and perspectives for the better. He’s judgy and curses a lot, though–heads up! http://joemygod.blogspot.com/

    • Kubrick’s Rube

      I was going to recommend Joe My God too! On a similar note, I find that Waking Up Now articulates the case for LGBT rights and marriage equality as well as anyone.


      • Elise

        Cool! I’ll check it out!

  • Aimee

    I follow a lot of the same ones – I found you from being linked by someone on FtB, back before FtB heheh, I think Ophelia but I forget. The only one I can think of you didn’t mention is Ana Mardoll’s blog. She is a feminist writer and deconstructs Narnia and Twilight.

  • veganatheist01

    I spent the last few days in the archives of Pervocracy (http://pervocracy.blogspot.co.at), a blog by a genderqueer, polyamorous, sex-positive feminist who’s into BDSM. It’s very well-written and interesting, especially for sex-troubled, maybe asexual, gender-questioning, feminist me. It’s a more personal blog than other blogs I follow (yours, Pharyngula, a lot that already got mentioned), less focused on social justice issues, but that might even be one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed it so much (some of said issues are pretty hard to read about sometimes).

    • Meg

      I love Pervocracy! I didn’t think to mention it a long with my favorites because Cliff updates so infrequently (not that I blame him, he sounds super busy), but for new readers the archives have lots of good stuff.

      Have you read http://www.thedirtynormal.com? Since you like Pervocracy, you’ll probably find it interesting (Cliff commented? or someone mentioned Pervocracy in the comments? something – it’s the site that led me to find Pervocracy)

  • Meg

    Jessica Valenti and Laci Green on tumblr, the dirty normal by Emily Nagoski – all feminist writers, lots of sex ed, discussion of gender, women’s/human rights

  • Meg

    Also, Anita Sarkesian’s Feminist Frequency.

  • http://www.spilledmilkformoms.com Jamie

    Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying it. I’ve been exploring some feminist issues on my blog lately – would love if you had a chance to take a look and comment. The blog is http://www.spilledmilkformoms.com. I’m working on a post right now that deals with women being told they should have regular sex with their husbands, even if they don’t feel like it. I’d like to link to your post on sex as a duty if you don’t mind. Let me know!

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism Libby Anne

      I’ll check out your blog. :-) And feel free to link to my posts any time you like!

    • http://www.on-the-other-hand.com Lydia

      Let us know when that post goes live, Jamie! I’m very interested in reading it.

  • jose

    Whoa you follow a lot of blogs. These are mine. I especially recommend Astrogator’s Logs and Broadblogs.

  • Bettina

    Ramblings of Sheldon …. that is why I read your blog occasionally. Sheldon recommended you as a good read :) I’ll check some of the blogs mentioned here. Thank you!

  • http://ripeningreason.com/ Rachel Marcy (Bix)

    Hey, thanks for the mention! In addition to blogs already mentioned, I really recommend Elodie Under Glass (science and feminism), Fannie’s Room, and Echidne of the Snakes (both feminism).

  • machintelligence

    For a little variety I like Popehat and Respectful Insolence, and for a real change of pace Scepticlawyer.

  • http://BecomingWorldly.wordpress.com Heatherjanes

    Hi Libby Anne, I’m glad you’re liking my blog and I read a lot of the same ones. :) I wanted to clarify that I am not an atheist so I don’t blog from an atheist perspective, but rather an agnostic one. It might seem a small difference to some people but its a distinction I like to make. All in all, I don’t figure faith or a lack of it is a defining thing or a primary topic for me even though obviously I can’t write about fundamentalist homeschooling without talking about the effects this type of belief system has on people’s lives. I mainly blog from a children’s rights perspective more than anything and I hope telling my story and sharing what I’ve learned can help others to become aware of some of the harms that are so often part of this movement. Btw, I love that you put together a list of “survivor blogs.” I have been referring people to it. :)

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism Libby Anne

      Sorry, I’ll edit the post to make sure it’s more clear. I didn’t mean to assert that you are an atheist, and I know that Lisa of Broken Daughters explicitly states that she doesn’t know what she believes at the moment, and doesn’t feel the need to decide (which sounds rather agnostic itself).

      I really appreciate your focus on children’s rights, as that is a topic I would like to delve into more myself. Would you consider guest posting for me at all? I’m especially interested in your views on homeschool regulation. Perhaps you could drop me an email? My email address is lovejoyfeminism (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

      • http://BecomingWorldly.wordpress.com Heatherjanes

        Omg, Libby Anne I’d LOVE to and I’ll send you an email! Yeah, I feel kinda like Lisa I think. I guess I decided that religious faith is all just one giant question mark for me but I believe people have an innate sense of right and wrong and that’s what I use as my barometer. Btw, I have nothing against athiests or devout Christians or Muslims or Jews or Buddhists, etc. and don’t see myself as better informed or smarter or anything, rather just removed from it. I guess that is why I consider myself agnostic. I am simply not pulled in any of those directions and never really have been, but I also don’t know what the future holds. Anyway, looking forward to talking more about children’s rights and homeschool regs soon. It is a subject I am quite passionate about. :)

  • ildi

    David Futrelle’s Manboobz. Misogyny. He mocks it.

  • http://fidesquaerens.org/ Marta L.

    I put together my own list over at my blog, here: http://www.fidesquaerens.org/blog/?p=1177 . This was a good exercise to go through, as it is nice to think about where you read.

    Also, thanks for reminding me about Greta’s blog. It had somehow dropped off my RSS reader, and I have returned it to its rightful place of honor. What a great site. I also found several new friends I’m looking forward to following.

  • http://allweathercyclist.blogspot.ca/ JethroElfman

    I found your site through from mention on a conservative political blog . I read John Hawkins . Much of politics is as constrained by dogma as religion is, so I appreciate his ability to frame a rational argument , even if I regularly disagree with it. For instance, concerning Sandra Fluke, he didn’t jump on the bandwagon of slut-shaming like most other conservatives did. Or, on same-sex marriage , he concedes that it is entirely a matter of religious bigotry.

    Here’s some samples…
    On large families
    On gun control
    On women in the military
    On feminism

    I was raised conservative, and much of my family still is, so this helps me keep in touch with the topics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucrezaborgia Lucreza Borgia

    Darrell Dow from Stuff Fundies Like is doing a year as a Democrat.


  • Reverend Robbie

    I pretty much focus on apologetics. For that reason, I mostly like Cross Examined here on Patheos and Alethean Worldview over at Freethoughtblogs.

    I’m probably considered a troll on the “Standing on My Head” page over on the Catholic channel, and I respond to any anti-gay-rights arguments I find on the Evangelical channel. If anyone on Patheos tries to claim that we can only be moral with God, I usually read that and respond as well. I’m also a glutton for Catholic and Evangelical radio.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism Libby Anne

      You sound like you’re a glutton for punishment. :-P

  • Rae

    I read most of the blogs in the first paragraph.

    I also read Slacktivist (also here on Patheos at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/) – it’s more from my current religious perspective, and it has lists of Christian blogs by women, by POC, and by LGBT people.

    But my favorite part is that he’s also doing a hilarious series on the Left Behind books. And the comments pretty much anything involving the apocalypse and/or End Times are just pure gold in terms of the best of internet humor!

  • Staceyjw

    Let’s see….
    My Everyday, never miss a post, reads are:
    The Skeptical OB (birth)
    Freethought Blogs- Pharnygula, No Country for Women, A Million Gods, etc.
    Man Boobz (mocks misogyny)
    Safer Midwifery for Michigan (birth, activism)
    The Adequate Mother (birth, parenting, from a anesthesiologist POV)
    No Longer Qivering
    Love, Joy, Feminism ;-)

    Other Favorites I read regularly:
    Ain’t No Mom Jeans (fashion)
    Cute Overload (best.pics.ever)
    Detroitblog (just amazing human interest, about metro Detroit. Highly suggest this!)
    The Urbanophile (urban planning, city data and such)
    Free Range Kids (parenting, current events)
    Past Tense, Present Progressive
    Kumquatwriter- And They Lived (personal blog, cult and cult escape, late term abortion)
    RH Reality Check (reproductive rights)
    What Ifs and Fears are Welcime (birth)
    Friendly Atheist
    The Learner (medical cases from Indian hospital)
    Science Based Medicine
    Respectful Insolence
    Get Off My Internets (humor)
    STFU Parents (humor, parenting)

  • Paula G V aka Yukimi

    It ate my comment :(
    Apart from some of the blogs mentioned above (Social Justice!) and stuff linked in twitter or the facebook private groups I’m in (Secular Woman, Planeta Gallifrey, …), I like reading two blogs about yuri manga (okazu.blogspot.com & yurinoboke@blogspot.com) which I guess aren’t going to be very interesting for most people :p and I really like reading blogs about parents of LGBTQ kids. Some links:

    http://getstooobsessed.tumblr.com/ She writes for HuffPo’s Gay Voices and her kid has the biggest crush in the world for Blaine of Glee.
    http://transparenthood.net/ It’s about an awesome trans boy Sam. Last post about how hard it is something as basic as going to the toilet is pretty heartbreaking.
    http://raisingqueerkids.wordpress.com/ Sadly it hasn’t updated in a loooong time
    http://raisingmyrainbow.com/ Meet Cj, a fabulous gender creative boy =)

    • Paula G V aka Yukimi

      Ah, too many links… btw, it’s yurinoboke.blogspot.com. sorry.

  • kittens

    Sociological Images.


    great blog exploring a range of sociological issues.

  • http://www.on-the-other-hand.com Lydia

    Longtime reader, first time commenter here. :)
    It’s funny to see how many of these suggestions are blogs I already read and love! Sociological Images, The Pervocracy and The Skeptical OB have had some fantastic posts lately.

    I also wanted to mention the blog of a friend of mine – http://brucegerencser.net/. He was a Baptist minister in Northwest Ohio for many years before deconverting to Atheism. He’s received a lot of blowback from people who don’t understand his decision and as a nontheist who lives in a much more accepting area of North America it’s really interesting to see how he deals with intolerance.

  • http://tellmewhytheworldisweird.blogspot.com/ perfectnumber628

    Elizabeth Esther is also very good. She is Catholic, but grew up fundamentalist and write about spiritual abuse and leaving that behind, etc.

  • http://www.wideopenground.com Lana

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, and also thanks for compiling this list. A few of these I did not know about.

  • Rosa

    my favorite feminist parenting blog is bluemilk.wordpress.com (and she has an amazing blogroll too). But I still spend most of my reading time on Ta-Nehisi Coates over at the Atlantic.

  • DT

    The Parish: http://theparish.typepad.com/
    An atheist professor looks at evangelicalism.

  • http://www.reason-being.com John Richards

    Libby—It is funny how we learn something when/where we didn’t expect to do so. I follow your blog and think it is very well done. However, I had no idea that you followed mine (Reason Being)! I just learned that today. Thank you for including me in your list and please keep up the great work!

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism Libby Anne


  • Korou

    I really love the blog Raising My Rainbow. It’s a mother’s story of raising an adorable little gender-creative boy. It’s very touching, and raises a lot of important issues for understanding LGBT and minorities in society.

  • Silver

    I will second the recommendation for The Way Forward- heck, it’s how I found this blog! (via his link to No Longer Qivering)