Erick Erickson—Concerned for Women’s Health?

In the wake of the passing of the Texas abortion bill, which requires that abortions only be performed in ambulatory surgical centers and proponents claim was designed in the name of protecting women’s health, I came upon this tweet by RedState founder Erick Erickson:

The text reads “Dear Liberals, go bookmark this site now” and the link leads to a store supply warehouse website selling coat hangers. (Erickson now claims he was not being serious, and was just trying to mock liberal hyperbole. Because apparently coat hanger abortions are something to poke fun at.)

Some would probably just have us dismiss this sort of thing as something that isn’t characteristic of the larger movement to ban abortion. What I find ironic along those lines is something Erickson said several years back in a post called “Ashamed To Be ProLife”:

My wife came home to tell me what she saw. I just saw it again on the news.

As she drove down a major highway she saw a sign that said something along the lines of “Warning: Pictures of American Injustice Ahead.”

There on the street corners, just up from an elementary school, were anti-abortion protestors with massive pictures of aborted fetuses all up and down the road. These, to me, weren’t “prolife” supporters. They were anti-abortion supporters.

People like this give the prolife cause a bad name and lose credibility. They may think they are getting their message out — but I just want to beat the hell out of them. Abortion is not a right or a choice in my mind, though I might have made an exception for these people.


Right, because poking fun at coat hanger abortions is totally pro-life. Erickson may deny it all he likes, but it’s actually remarks like his that give the “pro-life” cause a bad name and make it lose credibility.

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