Thoughtful Reflections on Work and Family

The lobby of the office building in which Christina Alger's father worked.

If you ever tagged along when your father went to work, if you ever think about how your work life has been impacted by your family, or if you are a parent who wonders how your own work might touch the lives of your children, I strongly urge you to read a thoughtful and moving piece in the New York Times. “For One More Day at the Office” by Christina Alger made me think and touched my heart. It will do the same for you.

I am one of millions of people in our society who ponder the impact of my work life on my family, especially on my children. Is my tendency to work lots of hours a downer for them, or a positive example of diligence? Will my children look back upon their experiences of my workplace with happy memories? Will they find anything in my work life they want to imitate? Apart from providing for my family, how has my work experience, including how I talk about it at home, made a difference in the way my children think about work?

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  • Megan Willome

    That was an awesome article! Thanks for sharing it.

  • markdroberts

    You’re welcome.