If You’re a Boss, Share the Wealth!

My colleagues at The High Calling have just produced a new video on work. It’s called “Share the Wealth,” and is well worth one minute of your time if you are a boss, or if you every hope to become one.

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  • TomB

    Sometimes supervisors forget to share information.  Sometimes they’re worried about competition from within the organization for their job/goals. 

    A place generally runs better when people have the information they need.  I agree with the video.


  • SteveC

    GREAT stuff here; a good reminder to me in the role of “boss” I sometime play as pastor. One observation: I see more than a little irony in the closing (and helpful) summary of the importance of being “inclusive” – and yet both bosses were men.

  • markdroberts

    Thanks, Tom.

  • markdroberts

    Yes, that is ironic. In this case, though, “inclusive” meant including people in the flow of information. You’ll find the other kind of inclusiveness in the other recent High Calling video, “Do Your Job.”

  • Centurion 9.41

    Seriously, this is another classic cherry picking of situations to create an argument with a big dose of begging the question. 

    Christ didn’t teach about “shaking the dust” off because it sounded good.  He did so because there are many out there who are not “good” people much less employees, people who are selfish and ignorant “employees”.

    Really wish you folks spent more time creating messages based in reality and focus on ALL His Words and teachings.  The fact is perversions of truth like this only serve to make you guys feel good about yourselves and end up hurting Him and His Word.

    Or did you guys just decide to forget the whole parable about the workers in the field all being paid the same wage?

    Or did you guys forget the parable about the seeds falling on good and bad earth?

    Lastly, it’s not about “sharing the wealth” it’s about true Charity.  Stop looking at the stuff heaped on the back of the camel and start paying attention to the direction the camel is heading and how its owner plans to use those treasures.   Not telling him and everyone else how you think his wealth should be used.