Labor Day Sunday – Make It Count

Labor Day Sunday could transform your life and the life of your church. I really mean it!

For most Americans, the Sunday before Labor Day is significant because it is the last Sunday of the summer. I’m thinking of the cultural summer that ends with Labor Day, not the calendar summer, which ends this year on September 22, the day before the Autumn equinox. Many of us will spend the Sunday of Labor Day weekend enjoying one last holiday before we press on to the demands of the Fall. (I will be at Laity Lodge, playing second fiddle to J.I. Packer as we teach for the annual Labor Day retreat.)

For the last couple of years, I have looked at Labor Day Sunday from a new perspective. My colleagues at The High Calling have taught me to think of this Sunday as an opportunity to connect God and work. It’s a time to underscore the fact that our work – our labor – matters to God. Labor Day Sunday can be, both for individuals and especially for churches, a day to celebrate the centrality of work in our lives and the opportunity to glorify God through our work.

If you’re interested in making Labor Day Sunday count in a whole new way, The High Calling, in association with the Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University has produced a variety of materials for individual and church use. These materials include:

• Sermon Outlines on Faith & Work
• Six-Week Small Group Curriculum on Faith and Work
• Bulletin Inserts
• Free Downloadable Videos (suitable for use in worship services)
• Commissioning Service Suggestions
• and much more.

These resources are offered free of charge. That’s right. You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to sign up for anything you don’t want to receive. All of these resources are a gift from The High Calling to you.

If you’re a pastor, I’d urge you to consider making Labor Day Sunday a special day for your church. If you’re a lay person, you may let your pastor know about this opportunity. But don’t be pushy! Even if your church is not ready to celebrate Labor Day Sunday, you can benefit from the resources offered by The High Calling.

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