Climbing the Mammoth Crest with My Son

Climbing the Mammoth Crest with My Son August 22, 2012

Yesterday, I shared some further thoughts on hiking with my daughter. Before I leave behind my summer vacation, I thought I might share a couple photos of a hike I took with my son, Nathan.

We were vacationing in Mammoth Lakes, California, a High Sierra town known especially for its excellent skiing. But this is also a favorite location for those who love to fish, camp, hike, and simply enjoy the beauty of creation. We didn’t do any fishing and hiking in our recent trip, but we did plenty of hiking and enjoying.

On one particular strenuous but rewarding hike, my son and I made it too the top of the Mammoth Crest, not by the normal trail that approaches from the side. Rather, we attempted to hike/climb straight up from Lake Mary. The photo below shows you the Mammoth Crest on a cloudy day, with the arrow indicating the col we were attempting to climb (called the Blue Culoir).

The Mammoth Crest, with the Blue Culoir highlighted

This hike to the top of the crest wasn’t especially long – maybe three miles – but it was quite a climb, about 2,000 feet. It got very steep near the end as we scrambled over many boulders. (Technically, it was mostly a Class II climb, with a few areas of Class III, perhaps.)

Nathan as we approach the crest and the scrambling/climbing part of this hike
Almost there!
One view from the top, of Duck Lake
One of my greatest rewards in hiking is spending time with my kids. Here, Nathan and I celebrate our success at reaching the top of the Mammoth Crest.
We’ve had great times like this before. Here, we’re above Le Conte Canyon, beyond Bishop Pass.

Thank God for the beauty of creation, for vacation, and for family!

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