The Long View

Hello, everyone!

I’m delighted to be contributing here, and grateful to Mark for asking me to come on board (you can read more in his introductory post earlier this week).

I don’t plan to link to things I write all that much, but I’ve got a piece over at The High Calling today, about my foray into long-distance running and what I’ve learned from the experience. The post is timely, because the topic is on my mind again: I’ve got another half-marathon—my second—coming up this weekend in Central Park. So I’m reflecting on the experience I recount in the piece and wondering what new lessons I’ll learn.

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot as I write and ruminate on the links between learning to be a runner and maturity is what other activities, like running, help to develop us into the kind of people who think about our careers and other pursuits through the lens of the “long view”—things like baking bread, or learning to pray.

What do you think?

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