Take (Raisins) and Eat

My friend Shannon Huffman Polson is a talented writer and a great mother, and her beautiful post on the Eucharist at the Good Letters blog combines both of these.

The word eucharist comes from the Greek eucharistos, meaning grateful. At first I did not know enough to be grateful. I came to the table to be reminded that God was in me, that maybe this meant I was still alive. Then I came to be grateful for God in my life, even if some people no longer were.

So I wanted my son to understand this sacrament, understand its mystery and its power before he went to it. I wanted him to understand how it can curl over and around and through each part of us like water, filling up the empty places.

Read the rest here. (And if you like what you read, try Shannon’s newly released memoir, North of Hope.)

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