For the Weekend: Work, and the End of the World

Three links for your weekend reading:

First, Katherine Leary Alsdorf wrote a piece called “Stop Apologizing for Caring What You Do,” over at QIdeas.

The cocktail party question, “What do you do?” may arise from superficial motivations, but the question isn’t bad. Let’s ask ourselves the question on a regular basis. What do we do with the gifts God’s given us? What do we do in our little corner of this fallen world to join in God’s plan for its redemption? How do we pray for help in our work? How do we seek to understand the lessons God is trying to teach us? If work is this crucial a part of God’s design for us, we need to learn all we can about God’s perspective on it.

And I, noticing that there are an awful lot of movies and TV shows dealing with the end of the world right now, wrote an essay for Christianity Today wondering why, and what it means.

Yet, unlike its cousin, 2011’s ContagionWorld War Z leaves us with the uneasiness of a random attack. Nothing is solved. The war continues to rage precisely because nobody’s sure what to do. All they can do is hide, and hope the evil doesn’t get too close. As Pitt’s final voiceover says, “This is not the end—not even close.”

But what if it is The End? Like, the actual End of Time? With Revelations and the rapture and the antichrist and all of that? Will humanity survive, and if so—how?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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