Rituals for Creativity

It’s Monday, which means we’re all creaking back into gear. On Mondays I always try to kick off my week well by settling into a routine. Sometimes I’m more successful than others, but I know that we’re created as beings who thrive on rituals (after all, observing the Sabbath is one of the first, and most important, rituals). Rituals help us do our best work, and help us flourish as people, too.

Over at the Accidental Creative blog, Todd Henry writes about rituals and creativity:

Rituals are important for several reasons. First, they provide solid ground when facing the uncertainty of your daily work. A ritual is like a bucket you can fill over and over again rather than trying to decide which bucket you should use. A good, solid set of rituals provide context for your work so that you can spend the majority of your energy focusing on the problems you’re trying to solve.

Read the whole thing here. What rituals do you have?

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  • Morning chores on the farm here are my ritual, along with plowing a 500′ lane too many times this winter and unfreezing the cattle waterer every couple hours if it gets below zero. David Clark claims “farming is a liturgical act.” patheos.com/blogs/fareforward/2014/02/christian-commitment-symbolism-and-farming/