Doing the Difficult Things

In In Earnest, Laura Herrod writes about doing difficult things, and sometimes not getting recognition – but doing them anyhow:

The road of difficulty seems to be the road less travelled. And yet, we all relate to its perils. The switchbacks and the cracks in the pavement catch us now and again. The hills we climb threaten to—and do—overwhelm us.

When I think of the hard things of life, I am reminded of moving to new places, facing old shames, and dealing with disappointment. I think of getting doored while riding my bike in New York City (something I now think is quite funny). I think of relationships won and lost.

But I am convinced that the hardest things in life are actually the greatest adventures. In these journeys, we make decisions about what to do that we never knew we could make. Through gritted teeth and determination, we find out who we really are. In the hardest times, we discover what matters most to us.

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