Your Labor is a Work of Art

Over at The High Calling, Randy Kilgore points that our work for God is, in some very real way, an art – one that anyone can share in. So what about our work transcends time and becomes something eternal?

We sometimes believe that Christians are the only workers capable of doing the right thing or even the noble or romantic thing. In fact, we can sometimes do great harm to our culture’s view of God when we pretend Christians are better people than non-Christians. Suddenly, we run the risk of communicating that our faith is about works … doing or being better than others … instead of grace.

And yet, it is true that many Christians stand out as followers of Jesus precisely because the tapestry of their everyday lives is filled with moments where they do their jobs or relate to others in ways that become works of art laid before a worthy and adoring Father-King. So where’s the dividing line between the good we all do which adds beauty and texture to daily life, and the good done for God which transcends just the temporal contribution and becomes a gift God carries forward into eternity?

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