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Congrats to Fr. Z!

Winnah! Well done, Padre! I will have to start scheming earlier next year. Meanwhile, this seems appropriate somehow in a Dark Lordy sort of way: [Read more…]

No pressure

So yesterday, I get an email from John Norton at Our Sunday Visitor informing me that L’Osservatore Romano just did a story on two pieces I wrote for OSV a couple of months ago. Sez he, “The Pope knows about you now.” Gulp. As it happens, I have a friend who knows Italian, so she [Read More…]

Leisure: the Basis of Culture

It’s a great book and it’s completely true. What civilization affords us is enough space in our day to play and create all the stuff that makes us human. You need to have enough goof off time in your day to dream up The Lord of the Rings, or the wheel, or written language, or [Read More…]

Increasingly, my philosophy is that the primary purpose of politics…

…is to give us something to laugh about. Case in point, the un-make-up-able quote from somebody who is actually sought out by national television news for her opinion: Some will hear that last line and shake their head in despair, just as they might when they hear Joe Biden, immersed in the sense of history [Read More…]

People Sometime Ask What I Mean…

…when I speak about dogmatic faith in the Immaculate Conception of the State of Israel and its preservation from all sin both original and actual. I mean this: “[A]ny and all criticism of Israel not only can be but must be antisemitic. It is either subjectively antisemitic, in that it consciously and intentionally furthers the [Read More…]

Over the Rhine Get us Ready for Holy Week

“All my favorite people are broken” sums up our poor race. [Read more…]

Your Police State Orders You to Feel Safe

Homeland Security stocks up on vast quantities of artillery. [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please ask your readers to pray for a family from our parish—their 6-month-old daughter passed away in her sleep. Also please pray for my daughter, who suffers from severe depression—she is receiving counseling and beginning medication as part of her therapy. Father, hear our prayer for this family in their loss and [Read More…]

Dawn Eden: Shameless Punster

Here she is writing about soldier saint Ignatius Loyola. Her title: “Dei and Knight“. Oy. [Read more…]

John C. Wright, Co-Founder of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society…

…sends me an Emergency Request on behalf of a reader. I give it and my reply here: Subject: Emergency Question! What books to give to a would be convert Mark, I just got the following comment on my blog, and I do not have any list of books to give him: Wow, I might need [Read More…]