The Occult World of Aepril Schaile

Aepril Schaile is a Priestess, Performance Artist, and Poet. She is the owner of Aepril’s Astrology and puts out The Nuit Report, a weekly astrology oracle and occult based teaching. She is a natural born, practicing Witch, and a Thelemite. It has been said that Aepril’s performances project a “world” in which the audience lives with her for a moment in time; her work shamanistically invokes aspects of the Dark Goddess. She has been a featured Bellydance Artist/Teacher in Paris,… Read more

The Consequences of Continual Cursing

That caution is to realize that there’s always a price to pay for any sort of magick. The question is, is it worth the payment? Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes the answer is yes. Read more

Accessing Your Inner Altar with Aradia

The following is how I work with Aradia to access my inner altar. Read more

How To Remember Your Dreams

The metaphysical theory behind why people don’t remember their dreams is that when one is shocked awake the astral body, which was exploring the realm of dreams, doesn’t have time to fully reintegrate and align with the rest of the body. Read more

Rivers of the Underworld

It should be noted that the Underworld Rivers are not just rivers, but deities in their own right. In fact, many of them were primordial deities Read more

Aradia of the White Flame

For us, Aradia is much more complex and much more simple than a just historical Christ-like figure of the witches or a goddess of witchcraft. Read more

Traditional Witchcraft Historicity & Perpetuity

Michael Howard (1948-2015) was an Anglo-Irish writer, researcher, magazine publisher and editor, and member of the Folklore Society. As a writer and editor, his career began in 1974 when he launched the esoteric magazine Spectrum. This ceased publication after ten issues in 1976, when he inaugurated the witchcraft magazine The Cauldron, which was published for 39 years. In the early 1970s he also began contributing feature articles and book reviews to the US magazine Fate and the British astrological journal… Read more

Review: Effigy

I cannot ever possibly imagine a better book written about the subject as the author hits every single possible area on the topic that I could ever imagine or want. Read more

Beginner Books Recommended By Trad. Craft Witches

“Traditional Witchcraft” is a term for witchcraft practices and metaphysics that are known from non-Wiccan, pre-modern, and pre-industrial revolution era sources – or in other words, the witchcraft of folklore. Read more

Review: Old World Witchcraft

Old World Witchcraft: Ancient Ways For Modern Days by Raven Grimassi is a great introduction to the relationship between the witch and the plant world. The book is a fascinating read and Grimassi’s first public introduction to his Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition of witchcraft, and is somewhat of a prequel to his book Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch. Grimassi provides a re-examination of the folkloric witch and this book presents the first major shift in Raven Grimassi’s writing that… Read more

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