Norse Witch has a strong focus on making heathenry something that is experiential, and not getting hung up on or discouraged by those who say that you’re practicing wrong (aside from the racists which the author writes “are the only ones who are actually “doing it wrong”.) Read more

I decided to reach out to some of the most prominent Faery/Feri authors and teachers of our day to ask them which books they’d recommend to beginners and seekers who are interested in learning about magick in the vein and spirit of Faery/Feri. I specifically asked them not to make their lists entirely books authored by the modern founders Victor & Cora Anderson. Read more

Conjure has always been adaptive. A certain plant goes extinct, or a practitioner moves to a local where that plant does not grow, so they often find something different to take its place. Innovations occur, and those are especially notable historically when folk moved from rural to urban areas. Read more

There has been a lot of talk on the topic of personal gnosis lately and I thought I would chime in with my 2 cents on the topic. It is usually grouped into three main categories. Since I’ve had the most experiences with personal gnosis with Hekate, I will use her and my experiences to demonstrate each of these. Read more

No one in my family nor in my community would ever describe their practice as witchcraft nor, would they ever self-identify as a witch. Never. Firstly, because they were all Roman Catholic. Secondly, because they did not view their practices as folk magic or witchcraft. Our practices didn’t have a name. Read more

If Sabrina the Teenage Witch was about as fluffy bunny as you could make Witchcraft, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reclaims the story on the exact opposite side of that spectrum. Read more

Aidan Wachter is well known in magical, pagan and occult circles as a highly respected talismanic jeweler. He first encountered the magical arts in 1982, and began serious study in 1987, largely as a method of gaining control over unwanted possession experiences. Read more

Here’s the thing I think most people are forgetting, the gods don’t have form, not in the way that we experience the concept. In my experience, the concept of “form” only truly exists on the denser levels of reality – the astral, the etheric, and the physical. The gods transcend those levels of reality.  Read more

Italian Folk Magic: Rue’s Kitchen Witchery is a fantastic book and one I’ve really been wanting someone to write. Mary-Grace Fahrun provides a fantastic look into one of the most practical folk magic traditions I have ever seen. Read more

While meditating on the Hanged Man in a reading a few years back, I strongly sensed that the card was relaying that something was not being seen correctly by the client and that an alternative perspective was needed to bring her happiness. But what was it? Read more

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