The Shadow is not something to be fought against or condemned. It is not something that’s meant to be defeated or suppressed. The Shadow is an aspect of ourselves that is crying out for inclusion and integration into our personality. The more it is ignored, the more it throws unconscious fits crying for our attention and inclusion. Disowning the shadow or allowing it to be an excuse is only a permission slip for the shadow to run more rampant, which is antithetical to the path of self-sovereignty. The more the shadow is ignored, the more it unconsciously rules us. Read more

Aidan Wachter’s Six Ways: Approaches & Entries For Practical Magic is really unique in its undertaking. He breathes new life into the basic foundational practices of magic. His practices and approaches are rich because of his style of diving deeper instead of over-complicating the techniques, something that’s really refreshing. As such, you could approach this book from any skill level and have it enhance your practice. His approach isn’t cookie-cutter and the best I would be able to describe his… Read more

During the 1960s and 1970s, many folks came forward stating that they came from a long line of witchcraft that had nothing to do with Gerald Gardner. The most common narrative of these claims involved having the information passed down through the generations, often from a grandmother. These are often referred to as the “grandmother tales”. Read more

Individuals are individuals and we’re all wired differently and different things work for different folks. This becomes super clear when teaching psychic development to others. Experimentation and exploration are necessary, and different people come to different conclusions and find things that work the best for them. Read more

There are countless methods and ways to work with candles, but I wanted to share my process while omitting tradition-specific ideas, just boiling it down to the main mechanics that I use which I feel can be adopted and worked into any tradition or eclectic style of witchery. Read more

As someone who is not Wiccan myself, I still enjoy reading about other traditions. I finished this book understanding Traditional Wicca so much better and had many misconceptions about these traditions cleared up. Read more

In modern spiritual teachings, the ego is viewed as a negative thing and in abusive cults there’s an emphasis on abandoning the ego altogether, thus making someone easier to control when they lack self-identity. Read more

Unlike our current dominant mainstream religious ideology, in witchcraft, the soul is most often seen and worked with as plural and not singular. Read more

The more my own ecstatic practices of mysticism in my Craft develop, the more I’m finding that many experiences and epiphanies can only be expressed through prose and art, if only to capture and preserve the slightest glimpse of the experience. Read more

Queer history is often suppressed and swept under the rug – especially when it comes to religion. The act of learning about the rich history of queerness around the globe is extremely empowering, especially to those who grew up being taught that its unnatural or even somehow something modern, unspiritual, and “perverted”. Read more

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