UDP&R: Angelarium Oracle of Emanations

This isn’t your average Doreen Virtue oracle deck of angels. Read more

Thirteen Quick Ways to Cleanse Energy

Cleansing the energy and maintaining proper psychic hygiene of yourself and your space is crucial and something that I commonly find underrated in people’s personal practices. Read more

History of the Star Goddess Prayer

The Star Goddess Prayer (also referred to sometimes as the Candle Prayer) is an opening ritual prayer in the Feri Tradition and traditions influenced by it. Read more

Review: The Witching Hour

Silver Ravenwolf is back and better than ever! Her newest book, The Witching Hour is hands down the best book she’s written in my opinion. Read more

Gods & Spirits Are Not Correspondences

It’s no wonder that I hear from many witches and pagans that they aren’t sure if the gods and spirits are real. Most likely because they aren’t really showing up in their rituals when they call upon them. Read more

Pumpkin Spice Prosperity Potion

What’s interesting about pumpkin spice is that all of the ingredients in it are traditionally used in conjure and witchcraft for prosperity. Read more

Is “Dear David” A Faery?

As witches we tend to (half jokingly) state that we rather deal with demons and ghosts any day before a pissed off faery. Read more

Westeros Deities, Astrology & Tarot

I have a theory that the gods from Game of Thrones are based upon the seven classical “planets” of ancient western occultism. Read more

The Bewitched Statue: An Open Letter

This is in response to Andrew Carr’s letter to the editor of the Salem News. Mr. Carr compared Confederate Soldiers to the statue of Samantha Stevens, a fictional character in the television series, Bewitched. He goes even further and compares it to having a statue of a clown and calling the city Clown City, referencing the “clown killer” John Wayne Gacy. Read more

Review: Hekate Her Sacred Fires

Let’s face it, most pagan anthologies suck. In most cases the only people who read pagan anthologies are those who contributed to them. Hekate Her Sacred Fires however, is not one of those anthologies and is still my favorite anthology to date. Edited by author Sorita d’Este, the founder of the Covenant of Hekate and the worldwide Rite of Her Sacred Fires, Sorita is considered a modern expert on the history and devotion of the goddess Hekate. The book features… Read more

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