Aloysius, You have drawn me to you, gentle teacher, loving guide. I am filled with gratitude to you… l love you. Just to see you, to sit with your image, is to see all the simplicity, the trust, and the innocence of the children of the kingdom. Aloysius, Let me serve, let me love as you loved people on earth! Teach me to leave the dark destructive forces within for the Light in the presence of Our Savior, Jesus. Aloysius,… Read more

MARGARET TERRY CHANLER, RED HOOK, NEW YORK. Wife of Winthrop Chanler, Esq., and sister of Mr, F. Marion Crawford. I was brought up in Rome under a rather feeble ministration of the Anglican Church, which seemed always cold and empty beside the real Churches we constantly visited as children. As I grew older my indifference to Protestantism only increased. I felt there was but one living Church; outside of that was to be found only free thought, philosophical eclecticism, and… Read more

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Lieut. Augustine F. Hewit, of the United States Army, died on Saturday in San Antonio, Texas, under peculiary sad circumstances. The deceased  was a Lieutenant of the Twenty-second Infantry, stationed at San Antonio,  and was 25 years of age. He was born in Connecticut, and was appointed  a Cadet in the West Point Academy by Gen. Grant, his father , Dr. Henry S. Hewit, being at the time a surgeon on Gen. Grant’s staff. After graduation  he was sent out… Read more

Father John M. Cronin was born November 13, 1873, in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland. He received his elementary education in the Listowel National School and his high school courses in the Christian Brothers’ School in Tralee, County Kerry. In this latter school, he began his career teaching as a layman in 1888. But after four years, the voice of the Great Teacher called him to St. Stanislaus College, Macon, Ga., the novitiate of the Southern Province of the Society of… Read more

Born Peter Christopher Arnold Daly to Irish parents, the young man grew up in Brooklyn, where he attended Sacred Heart Academy in Fort Greene, a school long since closed. After the death of his father, he started acting at age seventeen. He was noted for having helped introduce American audiences to the plays of George Bernard Shaw. Mrs. Warren’s Profession, which dealt with prostitution, was closed down for indecency by the authorities. During the early silent film era, Daly became… Read more

There are few old-time dwellers in the city of Toledo, Ohio, who are more prominent or better respected than the gentleman here mentioned. His prominence is not because of marked ability or great wealth, nor is the high esteem in which he is held to be accounted for on any “holier than thou” assumption, or any high place in the line of special perfections. He is, and has never laid claim to being more than, an average man. Those who… Read more

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BENEDICTINE SISTERS OF MT. OLIVE (White Benedictines) (1874) As American History cannot be studied thoroughly unless viewed with a European background, likewise the history of our humble Convent leads us across the sea, over mountains and valleys, until our wandering mind reaches a quaint, picturesque Convent, nestling high up on a peak of the Swiss Alps: it is the Benedictine Convent “Maria Rickenbach.” There in 1862 and again in 1867 two virgins, (Sister M. Agnes Dali and Sister M. Beatrice… Read more

EMBRACE CATHOLIC FAITH. Members of the Society of Atonement at Graymoor Received into Church. (The New York Times, October 31, 1909) WEST POINT, N.Y., Oct. 30—The Society of the Atonement at Graymoor, near Garrison, N.Y., was corporately received into the Catholic Church today, the ceremony taking place in the chapel of the community. The Right Rev. Mgr. Joseph H. Conroy, Vicar General of the Diocese of Ogdensburg, an old friend of the Society, acting under the authority of Archbishop Farley,… Read more

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