Quoting Quiverfull: Don’t ‘Pet’ Boys Because it is Cruel?

A new graphic that lists the most prominent topics of Lori Alexander's blog.
A new graphic that lists the most prominent topics of Lori Alexander’s blog.

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Being Chaste Before Marriage

Editor’s note: Today Lori is talking about a book published in 1946 and written by  John R. Rice titled “The Home: Courtship, Marriage and Children” The parts of this piece written by Lori are in regular text. The direct quotations from the book are in italics. I think this perfectly sums up neatly the hypocrisy of the theology of one Lori Alexander. Remember her book “The Power of the Transformed Wife” where she complained that the guys she dated in high school were always trying to cop a feel or make out with her and she was having none of that, yet here she claims no one instructed her that what she describes with the ancient term ‘Petting’ was wrong. This is that apocryphal tale of blue balls. Have you noticed that virtually all of Lori’s writings involve controlling others in a denigrating way, food and food issues and sex, sex, sex? Sounds like a sneering food disorder with sex on the brain, does it not?

Chapter Two is titled “Courtship and the Dangers of Petting.” Now, I realize a lot of you who are younger have no idea what “petting” means! We all knew what it meant when I was in high school. It means touching each other inappropriately and getting the “motors” of passion running which is only to be saved for the marriage bed. Because I was only taught to not have sex before marriage, I had no idea what the boundaries were up until intercourse. Most young couples keep pushing those boundaries and in the heat of passion, it’s very easy to go too far and have regrets and feel deep guilt.

When people trifle with the human body, then sometimes bodily passions take control and are stronger than the will, stronger than character…So petting stimulates the body to prepare for the sex act. Blood vessels are enlarge near the sex organs and they are filled with blood, become larger and more sensitive, increasing sex desire.” He goes on to write that this is especially so in the male and he needs release somehow.

If you thought it was “fun” to make out with guys, did you know that you were doing this to them? It makes sense why some parents set some strong boundaries with their children when it comes to being with members of the opposite sex before marriage

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