Quoting Quiverfull: It’s Only a Sin if You Take Offense?

Quoting Quiverfull: It’s Only a Sin if You Take Offense? September 12, 2017

WordSaladby Doug Wilson from Blog and Mablog – Real Offense and Not so Much

Editor’s note: This guy is word-salading around to defend his attempts to offender others. Early in the piece he says this:

“Now I know perfectly well that men and women both commit this sin, and when you use an example you have to pick one. And whenever it occurs to me, I try to pick the one that I know will result in offense.”

Instead of manning up and admitting he is a not such a nice guy that likes to rile up others he explains the problem is with people being ‘too nice’ and taking offense.

But the reason we have gotten into this sorry state of affairs is because of our ungodly niceness. Let me return to our near universal assumption that “x has to be in the wrong.” He is the one who gave offense, and it is (in our calculation) a sin to give offense, and so he should apologize.

We are in this basketball game where there are no refs and so we are all calling our own fouls. The Christian team has an ironclad conviction that it is a sin to foul anyone, and we are playing a pack of lying pagans, who know how to flop like they were Belgian soccer players. Charging! They also know how to writhe in pain on the court. Whenever this happens, every five minutes or so, your Christian teammates take you aside and say that you should apologize.

Why? Because it is a sin to give offense. The person who claims to have been offended always has the upper hand. He or she is the one who must be mollified, appeased, placated.

A New Thought

But what if taking offense is actually the real sin? There is the lying and manipulation involved obviously, and to the extent that the offendee believes her own act, there are also the hard heart and bitter feelings to reckon with. In such circumstances, it is a sin to be offended.

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