You Do Not Own Your Body!

At least according to Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies. She believes that women’s bodies are owned by God and you just cannot do what you want with your body. You have to be constantly breeding out good Christian warriors and handmaidens.

“Educated beyond their intelligence” is an incredibly insulting statement. Education is a good thing, no matter what Nancy Campbell, Lori Alexander, Debi Pearl and others trying to be cultural enforcers insist. Isn’t having an education a good thing if you are busy educating the younger generation? Seems to me that an education could easily be desirable in homeschooling, raising children, running a household every bit as for one of those ‘careers’ they shriek over as ‘sin’.

Wombs do not determine ‘femaleness’ No one is lesser of a women for not using theirs, or having the diseased organ removed. Gender does not work like that.

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