Top posts for February

Here are the posts from February that got the most attention here, in case you missed them (which you probably didn’t, what with these being the top posts and all).

15. Virginia Republicans back away from ‘three-fifths’ plan for black voters

14. SNL’s DJesus is a pacifist compared to Tim LaHaye’s lethal Death Jesus

13. The revolution will be blogged: Evangelical women challenging purity culture

12. NRA: Cater to their feelings

11. NRA: The Antichrist’s evil plan of evilness

10. Republican Party continues its outreach efforts

9. NRA: Can Nicolae handle this job?

8. No one expects the Evangelical Inquisition (part 1)

7. Notes from the culture wars

6. This week in End Times mania: Confusing ‘Left Behind’ with reality

5. Missouri-Synod Lutherans: Interfaith action against gay people is fine, but not prayers for slain children

4. Do white evangelicals have a delusional persecution complex? Barna says yes

3. The problem with evangelical sexual ethics is that we haven’t got any

2. White evangelical gatekeeping: A particularly ugly example in real time

1. Tribalism isn’t about feelings, it’s about the zero-sum outlook

"His wit reminds me of Birbat's attempts at banter. It's just creepy."

We are being governed by fools
"There is so much I should thank this community for, including introduction to the phrase ..."

We are being governed by fools
"Ah, geez, P J. I thought I was going to see some naked mole rat-type ..."

We are being governed by fools
"I kind of love how he was going for the ethnic slur, "gyped," and couldn't ..."

We are being governed by fools

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  • reynard61

    Hate to say this (Wait! No I don’t!), but from what I’m seeing the general theme in February seems to have been “By their jerkitude ye shall know them.” (Or, according to the Barna story, “By their persecution complex ye shall know them.” Not that either is a good thing…)