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Richard John Neuhaus did not think dominionism was a myth

Richard John Neuhaus, the neoconservative intellectual and editor of the journal First Things, thought that adherents of “dominion theology” were nutty, but he did not think they were inconsequential. In his May 1990 article “Why Wait for the Kingdom? The Theonomist Temptation,” Neuhaus introduced the prominent players and prominent ideas in play among the “theonomists” [Read More...]

Left us a mixed impression


Happy Halloween. Here are some Friday tricks and treats, including: professional liar David Barton isn’t a fan of Left Behind either; Michelle Krabill on rape culture in the Bible Belt; Pat Robertson criticizes lazy brain cancer patient for not coming to him sooner. Plus: Does Francis believe in evolution? Is the pope Catholic? [Read more...]

It’s your turn to walk on water


Religious traditions unite against autoplay video ads; terrorist puppies in Malaysia and terrorist marriage in Wyoming; dominionism is still not a liberal myth; and a study Bible that takes the scripture seriously. [Read more...]

IHOP and the End of the World (part 2)


They can’t get rid of the whole Great Tribulation battle against the Antichrist, because that just sounds so cool. Sure, the Tribulation is seven years of wrath, death and suffering, and it’s also a dispensationalist construct that’s otherwise incompatible with the End Times framework promoted by the NAR. But if there’s no Tribulation, then there’s no Tribulation Force and no chance to fantasize about being a brave and heroic champion of that elite God squad. [Read more...]

How the most famous white evangelical with a disability became the public face of the white evangelical campaign against the rights of persons with disabilities


When white evangelicals traded in Jesus for the culture wars against the Satanic baby-killers, weird things were bound to follow, but who knew it would get this weird? Or this cruelly sick? [Read more...]

Good solid pro-family evangelical Southern Baptists

Charlie Fuqua is an anti-abortion Southern Baptist and, therefore, a good evangelical.

Charlie Fuqua says he’s just reading the Bible like any good Christian should. And the Bible, he says, teaches that “God’s Law” should be American law. So Fuqua supports a biblical, pro-family agenda of outlawing abortion, reinstating school prayer, deporting all Muslim citizens, abolishing the minimum wage, and executing rebellious children and any prisoner not rehabilitated after two years. [Read more...]

Repeating myself 2011 (part 3)


We’ll go up through October with these. November and December would seem less like a “year in review” than like a “remember last week?” kind of thing. JULY “Anti-government, anti-democracy“ They do not believe in it. They do not believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people. They cannot believe [Read More...]

Stocking stuffers

Defining dominionism down: Good’s Kristin Rawls reports on a nice, attractive young couple who are helping to give dominionism a nicer, more attractive face. They’d prefer we don’t say “dominionism,” though, because in their ideal of a Christian America governed by biblical laws privileging Christianity, no one would be forced to convert: The Mitchells practice [Read More...]