A short description of Slow Church that focused on our call to embody justice, peace and love in our local congregations. I also read part of one of my favorite poems by Wendell Berry Read more

There has been a lot of buzz online in recent days about the value of church attendance.  Initiated by a pair of posts by Donald Miller, ( The initial post… and the followup.), who bravely confessed that he rarely goes to church, Miller’s posts were followed up by this piece on Christianity Today’s PARSE blog, which dug a little deeper but had more of the feel of an expose, and didn’t get to the heart of what seems (to me… Read more

I imagine that most of our churches — thankfully — look or act very little like Elevation, but there are many unhelpful desires that, if we’re honest with ourselves, we share in common with this caricature of a church. Read more

Does the slowness of Slow Church just serve to prop up existing power structures, such as patriarchy, whiteness and heterosexuality? Is this a dark side to Slow Church? Read more

I’m very excited to announce that Willie Jennings of Duke Divinity School has been added as a keynote speaker for the Slow Church Conference here at Englewood Christian Church, April 3-5. Let me be clear… Jennings work is essential for anyone interested in Slow Church, and this is a great place to start… Read more

This week, I re-read this wonderful passage from Phil Kenneson’s superb essay “There’s no such thing as objective truth, and it’s a good thing too” (in the volume ( Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World). Phil will be one of our speakers for The Slow Church Conference, April 3-5. Read more

We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting a conference on Slow Church at Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis, April 3-5 (that’s a Thursday evening through mid-day Saturday). We are offering an Early Bird registration price of only $99 through the end of January !!! Read more

Guest Blogger: Timothy Colegrove  Tim and Alice Colegrove live and work in Boston, MA where they serve with the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) as evangelists and prospective church-planters. Their vision is to establish a multi-ethnic evangelical Anabaptist church in the city of Boston committed to discipling new believers, breaking down socio-economic barriers, and gathering an eclectic community around Jesus’ table. Prior to working with the CMC, Tim and Alice served for many years as advocates, street pastors, and family to… Read more

In the very intentional Sabbath practices out of which these poems were born, Berry guides us in a narrow way forward toward this light of hope, a way that is not defined by progress or profits, but by an increasing attentiveness to our membership in the rich family of nature in our own particular places. Read more

At the very least, we should name these instances — and have some fun — when the marketing forces spin wildly out of control. Read more

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